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Can I Simply Drop it All,

or Do I Need to Make it in the World?

Q: E-mail 1:

According to ACIM (or "Jesus") the ego or the world that is seen outside is all false and unreal, because it never happened. In other words, the Son of God never "fell asleep" and "had a dream" or never been separated from God. Then how is it this seeming world outside that is a projection from within our minds which is all unreal and has no existence appear?

I understand that we made it (the world outside) to appear real based on error. Also, in ACIM, it mentioned that every time a problem arises we do not look at the problem itself (which will make
it "more real") instead we look within. It is like saying if the worldly things including obligations are all unreal, then, we can simply "drop it" or "let go" (let God). It is like saying forget about taxes or bills or the whole world because they are not real. However, in ACIM Jesus teaches or at least mentions how to look (outside or inside) without judgment (because there is nothing to judge). Please share your kind guidance to clarify this delusion.

Q: E-mail #2:

I think I know the answer before I pose the question, but just to clarify my thoughts. I am a student of ACIM. I also have gotten sober over 8 years ago and have been on a spiritual path with inventory process; removal of character defects; making amends; etc. all the work necessary for me to become a functioning member of the world. And therein lies my dilemma.

I have been struggling so to become a functioning member of the world because I failed so miserably in it. I threw away money on alcohol and other addictions; I ran through an earthly inheritance from my father; I ran up credit card bills and basically couldn't make a living for myself. I have been working for the past few years with jobs and stand to be able to make a great deal of money in this one particular job; enough to pay off my debts and get me "clear". However, the stress and the physical strain is great on me.

My question is: the reason I am still struggling with this is the fact that I am trying to make it "in this world."? Otherwise I think I would be relaxed and joyful all the time. The fact is I am not as spiritual as I profess to be to the people who know me. I really am still very much on this material realm and don't fully trust as yet. I need any insights you can give. I have gotten much from you over the past few months, David, and really appreciate the time and energy you give. Thanks.

A: Dear Beloved One

Thanks for writing. You are beginning to understand why you cannot judge your "advances" or "retreats" with regard to this world, your seeming "successes" and "failures." This world is backwards and upside down, and nothing in distorted perception is as it seems.

I am Calling you out of this upside down world. I am saying that the Kingdom is not of this world. I am not asking you to "be in the world but not of it." Nothing of this world will ever satisfy your holy mind, for this world was made as an attack on God and made to be a place where God could not enter. This world was made to deny the Truth of Divine Love. Now the core of Awakening is becoming clear: It is impossible to see two worlds and therefore it is impossible to make it "in the world." You were not created to function in a world of images that God did not create.

When you forgive the cosmos you let go of the attempt to reconcile Truth with illusions, Spirit with matter, or Eternity with time. Allow the Holy Spirit to work through and in your mind and it becomes apparent that you have no competing "parts." Forgive and see that all is whole and nothing is apart from mind. From on High there is nothing to do but Observe. This is the meaning of "Above the battleground." There is no stress or concern or confusion from Above.

Appearances deceive. Nothing of the five senses will lead to Awakening. The five senses serve the ego and were made report differences. As long as the illusion of judgment persists in awareness, the five senses bring witness to illusory categories that have no meaning and no reality. As judgment fragments perception, forgiveness unifies it. Yet this unification of perception, seeing the wholeness, is a Perspective of mind and not a function of the body. Beyond unified perception is the Vision of Christ, Which is not perceptual at all. This Abstract Light can literally be called Seeing or Sight, yet It does not involve the body at all.

The Holy Spirit instructs the mind very directly to drop ego thinking and belief. As you listen to the Holy Spirit you will find that taxes and bills get paid as long as you believe in them. The body is fed as long as you believe in it. Obligations and duties get met as long as you believe in them. Nothing is ripped away, yet everything is retranslated until the belief in specifics is dissolved forever. This is why I have asked you to question everything you believe. Only false belief seems to limit your awareness.

Truth is Abstract, and when the fear of Truth has gone all pain and striving is over. Nothing is simpler than Being as God created One Self. Give your mind permission to BE Still and Know, and It is already accomplished. Give your mind permission to drop the pursuit, and you discover what has always and forever been so. The wheel of time was made to distract from the Still Center. Let go into this Center and peace is obvious.

Trust in the Holy Spirit will continue to grow. No one can accept forgiveness without trust. Trust is the basis on which miracles are founded. Trust is the way to open the mind and release false concepts and idols. Future planning can be laid aside, for Present trust directs the way. Confidence and Surety come with trust, and this is how you become aware that you are truly a miracle worker. Time is in your hands, so to speak, as you trust the Holy Spirit. Aligned with the Holy Spirit you no longer have an enemy to "overcome." For the Light has come!

I offer you this idea from A Course In Miracles. Let your mind be open to the release it brings right Now:

Trust would settle every problem Now.

Be still, and be blessed in this Moment.

I love You forever and ever!!!

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