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Invitation to Get Involved

Awakening Mind Volunteering

Awakening to the truth of Who we are is a collaborative venture of undoing the ego and learning to live a life that is truly inspired. Every moment is a gift; an invitation to extend the Love that we are, or to forgive what is blocking the awareness of our true Identity.

If you have a passion for awakening to the Truth and extending Love, and you want to give your skills freely to making these materials available to more people around the word, then join us without even leaving home.

Awakening mind uses volunteers from around the world to transcribe and/or translate materials, video editing, material distribution, online development and much more. So if you feel it in your heart, contact us and let us know what you feel called to do.

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We welcome volunteers to assist us in extending the Love. If you have certain skills that you feel could be of use and you wish to volunteer, please contact us. We welcome anyone who has skills they wish to put to use for the extension of these messages and materials.

David Hoffmeister Invitation

David Hoffmeister and the Living Miracles Community are coming your way!

We would love to invite you to collaborate with us! If you'd like to be involved in ANY way - whether it be to organize a gathering or retreat, to meet us for a coffee or lunch, or to simply receive notice when we'll be in your area, we have a simple form for you to fill out. We look forward to seeing you along our shared journey Home!

Circle of Support Image

Simply click the image above to be taken to the form, and fill out as much of the details that you feel will be truly Helpful for us to include you into our Joyful Vibe.

For information about the Tabula Rasa Mystery School, visit nondualityonline.com.

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