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About This Website...

Teacher of Teachers refers to the Holy Spirit, which in A Course in Miracles terminology is also called the Voice for God and the Right-Mind. The intention of this website is to be as clearly aligned with the Holy Spirit, the one true Teacher, as possible and for the materials available here to be reflective of that perspective. On that note, we have felt guided to make this website as 'impersonal' as possible, or even 'anonymous' in the sense that the focus here is the content of the materials, the conveying of ideas, rather than on whomever the speaker or the writer seemed to be. This serves as a reminder that all true wisdom is of the Spirit rather than persons. It wasn't practical in all circumstances to eliminate every name mentioned - particularly in audio format -but this has been done in most cases with the written material.

A large quantity of the audio material on this website has never been made available before. Most of the audio material on this site had been archived in audiocassette format for many years, having been moved around from damp basements to hot attics, trunks of cars and finally office shelves. Much care has been put into the preservation of the sound quality of these materials but in some cases full restoration of the sound was not possible. We would encourage you to keep in mind that the material that is available here is available because of its content. Certain tracks may have spots where it is hard to hear but in most cases this lasts only briefly. Transcripts have been made for most tracks that were of lesser audio quality.

Like any other tool, this website is a beginning and not an end. What you will find here is a collection of ideas and no single idea in this world is wholly true. Only one thing is for certain, and that is; you will find what you are looking for because, as the Course says, the mind always gets what it wants. We would invite you to simply be open to the ideas here rather than immediately accepting or rejecting them. Thoroughly open your mind and inquire within and there will the Teacher be.

The format of this website is done in a way to make more efficient use of the growing quantity of materials and archives which have been accumulated over the years, allowing the user to explore a great number of the concepts and ideas in a simple format. Much more will be added to this website when it is available. It is now and may always be a work in progress. We invite your comments and suggestions and hope that you will feel free to contact us anytime.

This website and all that we do is done on a donation, Love Offering basis. If you feel that you would like to support this resource, please consider visiting our Donations page. Some of the resources on this website may be ordered as a hard copy. Please see our Resources page for more information. All gifts are tax deductible.

How to Use This Website...

We recommend that you start with the first item listed on the 'Laying the Foundation' - Materials Set One and then continue in order to the last item before moving on to the other materials sets. Don't forget about the supplemental items, they add a lot of content!

Teacher of Teachers is setup to start from the beginning. As Jesus says in ACIM, healing is done from the bottom up and not the top down. As said, most of the audio material on this website has never been made available before. Other materials have been made available and archived in various sources on the web and are now here to be utilized more efficiently. All materials have been organized and arranged to build upon each other. The focal points of this website are the audio recordings and the longer papers or transcripts. Supplemental material is added where appropriate. Links to the key metaphysical principles for the audio tracks will be added very soon.

The materials library is constructed of three parts:

The first is called Laying the Foundation. It includes some of the most basic (and fundamental) ideas that are presented in A Course in Miracles as well as some items about the Course itself. A lot of the first questions and issues that are raised by those who find the Course are answered here in one form or another. Some of the early metaphors of the Course are introduced and explored as well as some of the fundamental metaphysical ideas.

The second set of materials is called Unlearning the World. This section covers many concepts, particularly the middle and later metaphors used by the Course. This is the stage of learning where egoic assumptions, beliefs and distortions are brought more clearly into awareness. A solid understanding of the ACIM metaphysics is the key to moving into the final stage of learning to unlearn the world; the transfer of training.

The third set of materials is called The Transfer of Training. Knowing the ideas isn't enough to have the experience beyond the words; they must be lived and applied. The deepest teachings about the advanced ideas of cause and effect as well as the subject / object split and relationships are covered here as well as many other ideas. A solid understanding of the most advanced metaphors of ACIM combined with a willingness to transfer those ideas to one's life without exception has only one result; a clear mind and consistent happiness.

Welcome to Teacher of Teachers Beloved One.

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