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Healing the Perception of 'World Disasters'

Q: I have been very bothered by the ongoing and most recent events cumulating in the Pakistan Earthquake in which thousands have died and thousands more will die without more help from the citizens and countries of the world. The tsunami last year I saw an outpouring of world support and this is not happening this time. I have done what I can financially but an distressed by the lack of world response. I know that we are not a body .... we are spirit but I am still distressed to see the lack of world understanding that all are our brothers and sisters.

My son who is severely disabled and non-verbal with Angelman Syndrome (I see him as an angel and a blessing) came to me in a dream. He had gone missing and nobody cared to help search for him - this dream came shortly after the quake. When I woke I realized my nightmare was a blessing that was reminding me to go ahead and donate the money I had intended to but had not yet acted on. I see families searching for missing children and loved ones in rubble and families waiting for someone to carry out the injured, and bring supplies as winter approaches. Again, I know that who we are is spirit - that peace is inside each one of us. But I am here at home, warm, fed, with a wood fire burning. Their bodies are cold and suffering. What am I missing in my understanding? What I hope is the world will move to love all person as one.


A: Beloved One

Thanks for writing and sharing what is on your heart. Your desire is to be helpful, and this desire is of the Holy Spirit. The ego has distorted what is helpful, for the ego is the belief in the reality of the body.

Your perception of "world disasters" has triggered a need for healing in your mind. In this the perceived disasters have served the Purpose of Awakening to Divine Mind. If any giving is extended out of pity or comparison or perceiving someone as lacking something that you already have, this "giving" is done out of guilt and only serves to reinforce the belief in separation.

If you would truly be Helpful then you must clear the mind of false beliefs and allow miracles to be performed through you. The ego and the Spirit do not give in the same way. Money offered to alleviate perceived suffering does little to heal the mind, while a simple, loving, non-judgmental attitude radiates a miracle that is so expansive it cannot be measured. To be truly supportive and helpful be open to the metaphysics of healing the mind and recognize the problem where it is (in mind) and the solution (inner peace). Recognize that there will be no partial healing. You must feel a deep, unshakable peace
to recognize that healing has been accomplished. Direct your efforts inward, and the benefits will be immense for the whole universe. Support that which is truly valuable by being very devotional in your mind watching and mind training. Anything which assists you in this endeavor is truly worth supporting and will move your awareness in the direction of True Giving as God Gives in Spirit.

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