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Witnesses to my Fatherhood

Q: This is a question about something I don't understand in the ACIM Text. Here's the passage that puzzles me, though the topic of "my fatherhood" is scattered throughout the Text:

"With everyone whom you release from guilt great is the joy in Heaven, where the witnesses to your fatherhood rejoice." (T-13.IX.6.9)

My question is, who are these witnesses to my fatherhood? Whoever they are, they're already in Heaven. Beings in Heaven who are witnesses to my fatherhood! Who are these beings? Did I "father" them? And if I did "father" them, how come I'm not aware of it; have I forgotten about my own spiritual children? Have my children awakened to Heaven before I awaken? The above passage would have stimulated plenty of enlightenment if it said no more than, "With everyone whom you release from guilt great is the joy in Heaven," But the rest of the passage is completely meaningless to me, and
rather than just ignore it I decided to let you know about this hole in my understanding so you can clarify what the rest of that passage means. Thanks.

A: Beloved One

Thanks for your question. Christ has creations that are Pure Spirit, just as God's Creation of Christ is Pure Spirit. When Christ seemed to fall asleep and forget Heaven, the creations that Christ had created or "fathered" (fathered is a synonym for created) were forgotten as well. These creations are Abstract Spirit, and there is nothing in the time-space cosmos that they even remotely resemble BECAUSE they are Pure Spirit. These creations cannot be described or explained because their Meaning is Eternal and One with God, as is Christ. It must suffice to say that they will be Known as Thy Self and Creator are Known as well. In Light the darkness is forgotten, and when darkness seems to appear the Light has simply been obscured from awareness.

In Love & Peace.

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