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What Can I Do to Accelerate the Process?

Q: What could I do to accelerate the process of going from the conscience of myself into the Universal Consciousness? Can I do something to accelerate it at all?

I already practice silence (of the mind); I cannot really pray anymore, I mean outside of myself, as
before, since I feel that everything I look for is inside myself. The only form of prayer ... happens, it is a feeling of much love inside, but I ask myself if that is not a kind of spiritual masturbation.

I mean, I feel very selfish to rest in that joy: I perceive it not as a goal, but as an obstacle to my progress. I feel that everything is One, but I have not yet "experienced" it. You told me that what I
perceived is "a glimpse" of the Reality. I would like to experience the Universal Consciousness.

A: Hello Beloved

You are asking what to "do" to accelerate the process of going from the consciousness of self to the Universal Consciousness.

All "doings" (actions or behaviors) are the product of thought-forms, and thought-forms are the product of belief. This is why it is important to question what you believe as long as you seem to believe in questions.

The ego was made by belief and is dispelled by withdrawing belief from it. The AWARENESS Universal Consciousness was "lost" by the desire for "something other than Divine Love," and is returned to awareness by the desire to experience Universal Consciousness.

It is possible to desire the Present, this Holy Instant, so fully that all memory traces of time vanish completely. Distorted perception arises from the belief in separation, which includes the belief that there are separate objects, people, events, and circumstances and further that these distinct things and entities can be sequenced and arranged in a linear order. This was what misperception seemed to be, though it has been Corrected in Atonement.

A story is just a story, and it becomes very apparent that a dreamer of a dream is NOT the "individual stories" that seem to be being dreamed. The big Picture of Universal Consciousness, as you call it, is whole and indeed is far beyond the sum of the parts (the specifics and stories of the cosmos).

I will use a metaphor or picture of concentric circles to describe the mind.

The outer ring is the ring of perception, the perceptual world of time-space-stars-planets-bodies. Just under it is a ring of fear that I shall call the ring of emotion. Beneath this ring and further inward is the ring of thought. Beneath it is the ring of belief. At the very core is desire. When desire seems defiled or split, a belief in separation from Source seems to arise which gives rise to all subsequent outer rings.

Happily you are not truly at the mercy of any of the rings, for the ultimate Universal Consciousness is more accurately described as "Lord of the rings."

There is nothing "outside" of Universal Consciousness, which in the above metaphor is the Light of the Inner Core. That is why ultimately nothing must be "done" to Be as You already are as the I Am. To be aware of Universal Consciousness simply desire "It" wholly, for there is truly nothing "else."
Universal Consciousness is actually a State of Desirelessness, Being Everything. So to desire wholly is actually to be desireless Being or Creative in the true Meaning. Such is Spirit.

You have already reached an "advanced stage" of prayer when you have ceased praying for "things." Next you will realize that you pray continuously. Then comes the final purification, for prayer is desire. The true prayer is to ask for nothing and receive or be aware of Everything. The key to true prayer is thus to forget the things you think you need, for thus the idol of scarcity and lack is released forever. Divine Providence is a happy State of Mind, for What Knows ItSelf as Everything is whole and complete and can not conceive of "needing."

The experience of "much love inside" is not "spiritual masturbation," but a reflection or glimmering of the I Am Presence, the Light of Love. The Way is inward, and this is Divine Silence. It is Self-ish
to "rest in that joy" and I encourage you to "be" so inclined. This will seem to be a "goal" in a "process" until the belief in linear time has collapsed or dissolved entirely, yet I assure you that this inner experience of love is the reflection of Reality. Reality ItSelf simply Is, and ultimately has no "reflection," Being Pure Oneness.

Desire wholeness and question anything in mind that seems to be "not wholeness."

If one truly desires to "experience the Universal Consciousness" then there is only that Experience, for complete forgiveness has no "opposite." The tapestry is whole before it seems to "vanish" entirely. Spirit remains for Spirit has no beginning or end as It simply Is. "Want" nothing "else" and Universal
Consciousness is apparent. "Want" something "else," and Universal Consciousness is seemingly obscured from awareness, though not "for long." Be happy for the end of dreaming is close at hand.

I Love You forever and ever!!!

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