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What About Marriage?

Q: I was wondering about something I read in ACIM. It was about special relationships and how the ego uses them as proof for guilt, separation, and the death of God. Well, I am married, so is the course basically saying no one should marry nor be given in marriage?

Your insights would be greatly appreciated. I have more questions I would like to ask but I almost feel like they are pointless. To some degree I think the above question is pointless as well because it is like trying to understand that which is insane - the ego. But, if we do not ask questions, what would be the point of talking at all? Thank you. May you be filled with love and peace.

A: Beloved One.

Thanks for your e-mail and kind thoughts. I am so glad you feel our connection, our Love.

The ego is synonymous with special relationship and is a belief held in mind. ACIM is about exposing the error of belief in the context of what seems to be interpersonal relationships. Even though the ego made the distorted world of separation, the Holy Spirit uses what the ego made and reinterprets it. Thus forgiveness is a reinterpretation of error.

The real meaning of marriage is Union, and this Union is the marriage in Spirit - creation in and of God. What seems to be marriage in the worldly sense, between two people, is actually a backdrop for healing the mind. Relationships mirror all that is unconscious, all that has been denied from awareness, so that the ego can be exposed and released. This release is the awareness that the ego is not real and the experience that there is only Love.

As you continue your inner healing work with ACIM the distinction between form and content will become clearer and clearer.

Love is content and not form of any kind.

And though all form is a projection of the ego, the Holy Spirit uses the symbols and images the ego made to Guide the sleeping mind to Awaken and be glad.

The Holy Spirit uses time to teach that there is no time, and uses interpersonal relationships to lead to an experience of the only real relationship: Christ in God. Mystical experience transcends the personal just as the Whole transcends the sum of the parts.

Hidden error is synonymous with unconscious belief. Healing does indeed dissolve the questions, and in Divine Silence is everything Known. Yet until the experience of healing dawns it is helpful to question the ego's belief system. Questioning error and exposing error brings it to Light, thus dissolving it forever.

Blessings of Happiness.

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