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What About Jesus Christ? - Religion and Theology

Q: Lately when I have talked to some who are studying A Course In Miracles, they get upset with me when I talk about Jesus Christ.

They tell me to stop talking about this religious stuff, that the Course has nothing to do with religious stuff. Yet is it not Jesus Christ who brought us the Course? What does Jesus Christ have to do with religion? I know that whatever a certain person believes Jesus Christ to be in whatever religion he believes in, is what Jesus Christ is to him. Was it not Jesus Christ who went through all the beatings to prove to us that we can overcome anything? And was it not Jesus Christ who overcame death by rising from it, by not believing in death's power to take life from him, because he believes in eternal or everlasting life? Am I wrong about the strong Love that I feel for Jesus Christ for all that he has done for us, in proving to us that we can overcome the greatest of obstacles, even death itself, if we just believe?

A: Beloved One

Thanks for writing. Yes, your love and gratitude for Jesus is very natural since he is a Wayshower, and Guide, and the Living Christ.

Some people confuse religion with theology, and this brings resistance to anything that is associated with a theology. True religion is inner peace, and thus religion is experience. Theologies are stepping stones and pointers, and with practice and willingness Christ comes alive in awareness as an experience of Divine, Unconditional, Universal Love.

The ego has made many bitter idols of Jesus, for the ego does not know Love. The ego belief is a denial of Love, so Jesus is either hated or idolized by the ego. Jesus teaches that Love is real and eternal, and the ego teaches that time and space and guilt and fear and sin are real.

Until the mind withdraws faith and belief from the ego, it experiences a resistance to Divine Love. This resistance seems to play out in many forms, and one way is for Course In Miracles students to dissociate from Jesus Christ.

This is actually quite common, for the depth of resistance to Divine Love is the basis of all emotional upsets. Human beings are never upset for the reason they think, for it does not consciously seem like the mind is afraid of Love. Belief in the ego and projection make the world and cosmos and people and circumstances seem like the 'cause' of upset, yet this is never the case.

Jesus Christ is a symbol for Love not of this world. To love Jesus Christ without reservation or exception is a pathway to remember the Love of God. Jesus will seem to be whatever a mind believes until the mind accepts Atonement (complete forgiveness), and then Christ is recognized as Self. Self is Spirit, and remembrance of the Spirit is the Awakening to the Kingdom of Heaven within. All glory to God for this Great Awakening!!!

Thank You Jesus!

Love Always.

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