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"Wait" on No Body

Hello Beloved One

The Kingdom of Heaven is Now.

There is one "step" of Surrender to be experienced to know the Kingdom of Heaven as One Self:

"Wait on no body."

Cause and Effect are simultaneous, not separate. Salvation from illusions is immediate.

There is no "gap" between God and Christ. This is the end of the illusion of linear time.

Our only "task," therefore, is to accept and receive Atonement Now, in this moment, as an opening to the experience of God and Divine Grace. One cannot step from fear to Love unless they see the results of such a choice. When there seems to be a "wait," this is an apparent denial of our Reality -- Yet must this be impossible, for Reality remains Real and is unchanged by the illusion of denial.

Rest assured, if there is any "body" for whom "you" are waiting to "get it", "you" have limited what "you" are willing to give, willing to receive, and willing to demonstrate to the world. It is in Giving that One Receives. Present Giving is natural to the Christ, for Christ is Given Life by God's Eternal Giving and extends the Gift forever.

You are the One Holy Child of God! Such is the simple truth.

Rejoice and be glad!

Love & Blessings.

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