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Some Very Basic Questions

Friend: First, I would like to share with you, Holy Brother, how ACIM and your websites have helped me. (As I share with you, it has been given to me) Then questions will follow which I would appreciate your guidance.

It appears that the ACIM was designed to transform one's mind albeit awaken so that one is aware of the "ego" or "wrong mindedness". I also understand that that I am the Son of God -my Mind is the Mind of God (and you are also the "Sons of God" as well Holy Brother(s)). Also I understand that everything outside of me (us) that I (we) see is a projection of what is in my (our) minds. But it was a projection of our guilt onto others, which is how the seemingly vast world and cosmos was made.

Yet, according to ACIM and the Truth, the vast world or cosmos that appears before us (based on using the body's five senses) is all false. Reason tells us that the splitting of our minds never happened. That is why, in Truth, I (we) have never "departed" from God. It is impossible to "depart" from God (or vice versa - that God departed from us). God is Whole (note "whol-e"). There is no possible escape from that God, whole and complete, because God just Is. Therefore, I am not the body. I am the Son of God. I am the Mind of God. I am the Spirit.

Jesus wanted to teach us to become aware of our mistake, that we chose the ego instead of the Holy Spirit while we "fell asleep" "mindless," so that we can be "awakened" "mindful" with the Mind of God. Once awakened, the ego disappears. Indeed, this appears to be a "process" like peeling off the onion or petals of a flower until there is nothing left (as the ego is nothing).

I understand the above and have no doubts at all. In fact, it is very practical to be "aware" or "mindful" (meaning to look within) at times. I am also aware that the ego world does not seem to dissolve, which tells me that what is within in my mind has not changed. This means that the problem (guilt) remains within my mind.

If I am not the body and everything around me, based on my five senses, is all false, then, why can't I simply "commit suicide" and then, instantly, I am back with God. This is silly because I understood that if I do not have a body, then, what is there is "kill" or commit suicide. Nothing! (Laughter) What I am trying to say is that I want to let go of the ego nonsense. Yet, if the ego nonsense is unreal or never existed, how can I let go of the "unreal" that never existed? Silly!

There has got to be a way (I know the quote from the Bible that Jesus is "The Way") to dissolve the seemingly unreal stuff instantly since there is no time (time does not exist in God) instead of a "process" (which by the way is making the time real). Please share your guidance.

In the New Testament, concerning the Resurrection, it said that Jesus re-appeared to the Apostles (thus demonstrating "Resurrection" or death does not exist in the Son of God). This would also indicate (or be interpreted) that there is "life after death". It did not seem to share the idea or teaching of what happens when the ego is dissolved (the seeming false form of body is "dead"). Please share your guidance.

Finally, with respect to miracles, do miracles appear to our senses in response to the change (or "correction") in our Mind which is ultimately correcting the projection/perception?

I understand that all worldly problems are seemingly different through our five senses, yet it is only one problem? If so, how can I change the mind (from "wrong mind" to "right mind") when there is no wrong mind in the first place? What I am trying to say is that if there is no "wrong mind" or the ego world is false or I never "departed from God", why does the ego appear at all? If God never sleeps (the Spirit never sleeps - "sleep" does not even exist), then, the Son of God would never sleep as well, but in the Genesis or ACIM still mentions that I/we "fell asleep" and choose the "wrong mind" (dream world). How did that happened? What is the real Truth about that notion? Please share you guidance.

Thank you Holy Brother and with Love always.

David: Greetings Beloved One

Thanks for your thoughtful questions and for your willingness to look within and be free of the ego illusion forever.

ACIM points to an experience of the Present Moment, yet the experience of the Present Moment is beyond words (which are only symbols of symbols twice removed from Reality). My writings do the same. For the mind that desires Awakening these answers and instructions are a Course in the Simple and the Obvious. Yet if the mind desires the illusion of separation, the Course will seem difficult and frustrating to apply.

Desire is the Key to forgiveness of illusions. Truth will be returned to your awareness by your desire, as it was lost in awareness by your desire for something else. Let thine eye be single is a way of saying desire only Truth and you shall experience the Truth that has no opposite. Desire healing wholly, and you are healed. For the Holy Spirit knows that the separation never happened and offers this Correction or Atonement this very instant. You are correct in stating that "process" is a way of making time real. Yet to a mind that still believes in time "process" is a gentle metaphor for allowing the seeming willingness for Awakening to grow stronger - so that unified or single desire can be grasped without a fear of loss or sacrifice. Atonement must be accepted voluntarily, and thus the sleeping mind is not "hurled into Reality." The mind must desire to Awaken, for the Holy Spirit does not command or demand or coerce. Though Awakening is inevitable and requires only one instant of complete forgiveness, Awakening is never forced on the sleeping mind that dreams of exile from God. Miracles open the way to accepting the Correction (Atonement) without fear. For in Truth there is nothing to fear.

I was recently asked: "What is your belief in death? Do you believe in heaven and hell? Do you believe in reincarnation? Thank you for your help." My answer to these questions is always the same and I share it now as a basis for the more subtle questions you have asked. Under the instructions and direction of Jesus Christ I have been shown and experienced that there is no death for the Spirit I Am. This world was the belief in hell, yet through forgiveness I experience Heaven as Now and see that hell was but an error, an illusion that the Holy Spirit Corrected instantly. I live in the Joy of Christ and happily shine the Light in which I am created by our Loving God. "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" means it is Now, a state of Mind that is Innocent, untouched by the error that was sin (separation from God). I invite you to a journey of Awakening to the Christ Idea that resides forever in the Mind of God. Love is real. Hell and death were the illusions. Reincarnation is a stepping stone belief to Enlightenment or Salvation. Eternity is timeless, while reincarnation is a seeming story of the "soul"
and "time."

Unconscious beliefs in error and time must be questioned, forgiven and released, and you will happily see that they had no reality. Eternal Love is Reality, for God is Love and Christ is Love.

You stated: "I want to let go of the ego nonsense." I suggest doing the ACIM Workbook. Do it with such passion and desire that for each seeming lesson that you read you EXPECT to Awaken instantly. This suggestion is truly only a prayer for unified desire, and unified desire is Creation. The Holy Instant is the gateway to Creation and the Workbook lessons were designed only as a reflection of the Purpose of Awakening and willingness to Awaken. If you apply your mind effort and willingness and try to not make exceptions to the lesson idea offered, the Holy Spirit will Guide the mind unfailingly
into the awareness of the Holy Instant.

Resurrection is of the mind and for the mind, and the symbol of a resurrected body was meant only to point to a Resurrected mind (in which the ego has dissolved away). The body is a neutral symbol and truly neither lives or dies, so a "resurrected body" in this sense is a contradiction in terms. The symbol of the "resurrection" 2000 years ago was to teach that you cannot kill the Son of God, for Spirit cannot die (Being Eternal). One reaches awareness of Heaven through resurrection or healing of mind by accepting Atonement or complete forgiveness. This comes by first allowing the Holy Spirit to discern between right and wrong-minded thinking and next by accepting only right-minded thinking or the forgiven world.

You asked: "...do miracles appear to our senses in response to the change (or "correction") in our Mind which is ultimately correcting the projection/perception? I understand that all worldly problems are seemingly different through our five senses, yet it is only one problem? If so, how can I change the mind (from "wrong mind" to "right mind") when there is no wrong mind in the first place?"

In Awakening it is important to keep the horse in front of the cart and not assume that the cart can pull the horse. Miracles and right- mindedness are the same, and this is simply seeing the false as
false. Miracles and right-mindedness are the awareness that there is no causation in form and that the cosmos has not left the mind of the dreamer. If one seems to perceive separate persons, places, things, and situations one believes in the illusion of wrong-mindedness. The Holy Spirit sees the tapestry of the cosmos as one illusion, the false as false, and sees that there is nothing "outside" the mind. There is only wholeness in this "Above the Battleground" Perspective.

This unified Perspective is the same as right-mindedness or the forgiven world. The change of mind of
which you speak is accepting the mind's Changelessness and Singularity. The "how" is the Holy Spirit. Let the Holy Spirit decide for God for you and you accept Atonement or "change your mind about your mind." Your part is only willingness, for the Might of the Holy Spirit joins with this little willingness to see the world anew. Say and mean: "Above all else I want to see this differently."

I have spoken often about the question: "How could the impossible happen?" There are many writings and tapes and CDs which address this question (the most asked question), though it must become apparent that you BELIEVE that the separation HAS happened if you watch your emotional state of mind. The assumption beneath thequestion is that the separation has ACTUALLY happened, and this is the belief or assumption (the ego) to question. Actually all questions arise from this belief or assumption (the ego), for the ego seemed to ask the "first question": "What am I?" Every subsequent question implies an identity confusion and is thus a denial of Identity as Christ. The experience of Awakening is the recognition of Self as Christ, and in this Certainty there is no such thing as a question. Oneness or Love has no opposite. Heaven is a State of Being, Pure Is-ness, Eternally. All seeming questions have time-space, private minds, and private thoughts as their basis. Yet Love knows Love, and Love is All there Is. Open to the experience of Love and nothing "else" remains.

Love & Eternal Blessings.

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