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Two Voices

Q: When my thoughts, let's say, disappear, I feel sometimes as if two persons would be living in me at the same time: what I feel as "I", which is very very quiet and simply exists (no thoughts) -(the "I" who becomes "joy"), and an other individual who pushes me, and tries to bring me out of my path. I have everything under control, but sometimes I feel really like a butterfly who flies "against" the wind. I really "say": "Stop bothering me now!" In these moments I understand what people mean when they talk of the "devil" as of a person. It really seems as if somebody is talking to you from inside... can you please tell me if this is a normal step on the spiritual path?

Thank you for the wonderful answers and for the time you spend for us.

A: Hello Beloved One

What you speak of is common on the spiritual "journey," for often the ego seems to literally be a voice which is heard in one's mind. The ego always speaks first and can seem "pushy" because it always has an agenda or a form outcome for what it "thinks" it wants.

It does not know what it wants nor does it really "think," for the ego has no unified goal and no power of real thought.

The ego is just an unreal stream of pretend thoughts and it is a Joy to pay the stream no heed.

It is important to be firm in commitment or attentiveness to the Guidance of the Spirit within and to the Still State of Being beyond all words that is the real "I" you experience at times, and it is this you do as you "say" or "think" "Stop to bother me now!"

A version that I seemed to use was "Get thee behind me satan." The form matters not, for in a moment of temptation it is the willingness to be Still or to hear only God's Voice that matters. And God's Voice is our Voice in Christ.

Thanks be to God for leading the Way. All Glory to the One.

Thanks for writing.


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