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How Do You Turn Your Ego Off?

Q: My problem since I was even like 2-3 years old has been fear and always thinking the worse. I wish I could just turn off my ego fear but it has always been my downfall.

I know I have to look within and read more and meditate more. How do you turn your ego off? Is it just constantly being aware and rejecting it at all times. I worry so much it drives me crazy.

A: Beloved One

Thanks for your question and for writing what is on your heart. One does not turn the ego off, one unplugs it by withdrawing faith in it. First you begin by paying attention to thoughts and feelings and perceptions. The chatter and emotional roller coaster ride and distorted, unstable perceptions attest to an insane ego belief system that dictates these swings. The ego must be exposed and brought to Light before the swings will give way to a consistent, stabilized perception. Until faith is withdrawn from the ego the mind will seem to swing between darkness and Light. You made the ego by believing in it and can dispel it by withdrawing all belief from it. Without the power the mind seems to give it the ego will seem to cease to be. Right Now Christ is Present. The ego was an illusion of past/future, but the Light has come and in this Light the error has vanished.

Be willing to move inward and question all assumptions. Fear is an assumption and thus dissolves in the Presence of Light. Protect no belief from the healing Light of the Holy Spirit and you will see that there is nothing to cling to. Yield and merge with the Will of God, for it is our Will as well. Miracles come from trust in God, and as this trust increases fear disappears. Your willingness will seem to open into readiness, and your readiness will seem to open into mastery. All Glory to God and thanks to the Holy Spirit for Guiding past the illusion of fear to the forgiven world and on to the Memory of God.


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