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Truth Has No Exceptions

What is true for you is true for me and is true for all if it be the Truth.

Divine Principle has no exceptions, and there is no misperception that forgiveness cannot heal.

God has no favorites and since there is no order of difficulty in miracles, one seeming situation is as forgivable as the next. Yet by 'forgivable' I mean that no illusion can stand in the Light of Divine Principle. Upsets give way to Joy in awareness as attack thoughts are released, and Joy is natural to the Spirit.

The important point to see is that the world is distorted perception, a darkened lens.

The ego distortion seemed to split the world in two and perceive subjects/objects, victims and victimizers, saints and sinners. Yet the split was in the mind and not the world, and the Correction is in the mind and not the world.

A change in perception is literally to look on the world anew, with the Spirit, and see a forgiven world. Once the error is healed or seen as unreal, gone are the effects as well that the error seemed to produce.

The body in the ego's perception can seem to be born, to live, to grow sick and old, to be either victim or victimizer, and to die. Yet the Spirit is eternal and therefore incapable of any of these illusions.

Am I Spirit or body is the distinction or decision that is key, for One is Real and the other but a dream.

Forgiveness sees illusions as illusions and dreams as dreams, and thus sees the past as past.

Such is true empowerment, for to be aligned with a Higher Power is to truly be invulnerable.

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