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The Lesson of Trusting Inner Confirmation

Q: Since you have posted stuff by one particular teacher, I can only assume that you respect what he has to say. I have asked you this before but need to be refreshed. [The teacher] said:

"I'm going to end the answer to your question by simply stating this for everyone: Be careful you don't get sucked into believing that the world is an illusion -and everything in it that you see -because if you do, you will have no brother to be the fulfillment of your capacity to be Love. You will have no reason to remember what you have forgotten. This is very important!"

Now my first tendency is to scream "you're full of ......" You, however, see things and handle things with a bit more diplomacy than I am capable. Can you please explain what he means by that? I feel
that the statement is simply dead wrong.

A: Greetings of Love!

Again your discernment is very right-minded, for you are transcending the metaphor of "brother." The above idea you share is at the realm at which most of ACIM is written, using the metaphor of personhood AS IF there were private minds (plural) and therefore "brothers".

Many of [these] teachings have reflective value only to the extent that You realize that You are the Value which the words reflect. You are the One, Holy One!!!!

The world but witnesses to the Truth that is You as You accept your Self as Holy. Remember, words can only reflect meaning and words mean nothing "in or of or by themselves," for there is nothing that is separate and apart from mind.

The forgiven mind is singular, for illusions of separation have been released, and thus you correctly discern that the concept of "brother" as apart from one whole mind must be impossible.

Q: I can't seem to let this go. I accept that the brother thing is the same as ACIM, but the point being made by him is that it is VERY IMPORTANT for us to know that there IS a world. That we
SHOULD believe there is one. Maybe I just didn't fully grasp your explanation. Maybe I should just forget it. It's just that when everything [the above mentioned teacher] says makes so much sense, then to get hit with this, is kind of staggering.

A: The seeming world of images was made by false belief. You are correct that the [teacher’s] statement you quote seems to contradict your momentary EXPERIENCE, a glimpse of the true idea stated in ACIM WB Lesson #132: "There is no world." What the 5 senses seem to show the deceived mind is illusory, and images are made by false belief. So it is not a matter of not getting "sucked into believing that the world is an illusion," as Raj states, but rather being willing to be shown experientially that the world IS an illusion. This entails the willingness to see the real world or happy dream or true perception or the forgiven world, which is looking back on the past from a Perspective beyond the past, a Perspective of non judgment.

Now, the lesson for you with this passage from [the teacher] is to release the need to make sense or figure out ANY of the world, including the passage that seems to be haunting you.

You are correct, the idea presented that you quote from [the teacher] has no meaning. Your Inner Voice will confirm this. Much of what [the teacher] says has helpful meaning for you. Your Inner Voice will confirm this.
Now, I will tell you something, there is no need to reconcile anything of this world with what your Inner Voice will ultimately confirm for you right now: You are the One! You are the Meaning!

Your Inner Voice is Guiding you steadily inward to Self-realization, and the lesson is to trust It and not look for "external" confirmation (From Krishna or Buddha or Jesus or Mike, etc.) For in Truth there is nothing outside of You, the I Am Presence, Spirit, and that is why there is no world. :)

Remember to Laugh at illusions. Love.

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