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Transcending the Teacher Concept

Greetings Beloved

Wanting to be a "teacher of God," in the personal sense, is part of the ego's illusion. Heaven is pure desireless Oneness, and the step toward Heaven is a unified "Goal" or "Purpose" Which dissolves the belief in time. The many goals and desires of the ego are meaningless, since the ego has no existence. The ego's game becomes obvious: Seek and do not find. The end of seeking is Finding.

Teaching and learning are not separate, for the mind is teaching/learning all the "time" as long as it believes in time. Teaching/learning can be equated with thinking, and Awakening is the conversion which occurs as past/future thoughts are released and the Mind realizes It Thinks only as God Thinks, and It Creates exactly as God Creates.

As long as the mind believes in lack, it seems to want, and seeks to fill the empty feeling. When lack is seen as impossible, the Mind realizes only Wholeness and Fulfilment and Oneness. Peace and contentment are experiences of the Present Moment. "Teach only Love" means You think with God and are with God.

To let forgiveness be your "learning goal" is to be willing to unlearn everything you believe and empty the mind of all it thinks it thinks. You are coming inward to discern the valuable from the valueless, the meaningful from the meaningless, the true from the false. It will dawn in awareness that the "detour" was the illusion. You remain as God created You Beloved Light Bearer. You are God's Gift as shine so brightly! Happily God's Child is beyond change.

Happy to See You in Innocence.


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