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To Desire Wholly is to Be

Q: I just read another report on a forum about some guy having his awakening. Certainly I am glad that anyone can have such an experience, but I have a question.

I keep hearing that there is nothing to do but remember. That is no doubt the experience, but "just remembering" seems to be very elusive. I also keep hearing that it all comes together when we finally give up seeking for the light. Once we have had any kind of taste of that light, giving up seeking it is unthinkable. I know that the desire for it is of key importance, but how can one desire something so much and not try for it?

A: To desire wholly is to experience the desirelessness of creation, of Being. To "try" is to make an effort to achieve something that is believed to be missing. Seeking and searching is thus the "activity" of lack, and in accepting Atonement or Correction the search has vanished. The search was the sickness, and the experience of the present moment is now the peaceful contentment of forgiveness. The seeking was the stress, and the tranquil surrender or release offers only relaxation and divine ease. The "taste" of the light is always a present experience, and only the attempt to place the "taste" in the past or future is erroneous. Remembering the present and forgetting the past go hand in hand. It cannot be difficult to Be as One is Now, but the belief in linear time introduces the illusion of the "necessity" of change. What could it mean to change our mind about our Mind but to accept our Changeless Oneness? Desire is not a matter of degree. Neither is our One Self in God. Simply forgive the "try" to be any "thing." Being is beyond the concept of change. Even vigilance vanishes in the holy instant,
for there is nothing to be vigilant against in the full experience of Now.

I rejoice in the Living Moment! Now is wholeness true, and happily wholeness has no "opposite."

Love & Blessings always.

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