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When Will This Thirst End?

Q: Lots of miracles keep occurring. Often, sometimes more than often, the awareness of the Truth "hits" one. But yet there are times like this morning when one gets bogged down by others' reactions to these miracles. One's thought then goes wandering into territory which one "knows" is not real.

This morning one was besieged by these thoughts. One lay down, contemplated on the Self, prayed, called on the Holy Spirit, said one's mantras and the "fight" seemed endless. There was hollow in the pit of the stomach. All along one was fully aware that one's mind was in the"wrong" place. Yet whatever one did seemed to be useless. These barrage of thoughts just kept coming.

Now several hours later some easiness has set in. But still one feels that this is not enough. There is more to be felt and be...why is this avoiding one when one wants it so badly? How to? Deep hunger
still prevails and there is a gnawing at the Heart....when will this thirst end? Love as always.

A: Beloved One

Thanks for pouring out your heart and for your devotion to Awakening. The thirst for the remembrance of Self and God is what seems to propel the search, the quest. It is the Call to remember What is Forever True. The thirst ends in the experience of the Answer within, and this is experienced as it is obvious there is nothing of this world to hold on to or desire.


No thing.

No concept.

No belief.

No want.

No need.

No time.

Truth is approached through negation.
Look directly at everything that Truth is not, and what remains constant is the Truth that Is.

"others' reactions"


The invulnerability of Christ rests in the willingness to align only with real thoughts and the Holy Spirit's Perspective. What seems to be "others' reactions" are doubt thoughts which seem to veil the
Face of Christ. You are the One. Mind is One. There can be no "self" and "other" in a mind unified through forgiveness. Mind is unified and cannot meaningfully be broken into separate parts.

Surrender is the Answer.

It is impossible to let go of "something" that was never there.

Now is All.


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