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Thanks for Giving - To Give and to Receive are One

Q: I did lesson 122 in the work book and it was so wonderful. I have to share this with every One.

I said, "Yes, Forgiveness offers everything I want." Holy Spirit told me to look at everyone that has seemed to hurt me, each one, one by one and forgive them, so I did this and He said, "Now what would you give your brother instead of all this, You are here For Giving."

I said, "Love, Peace, Joy, everything, Life, Hope, Healing, Wholeness, Christ Vision, everything!" So we
went through every seeming problem, and He said "now look at yourself, what do you see?" I could see all of the things that I did not like, He asked me to name them all. I did and He said, "Now, Forgive yourself."

So I did and He said "What would you Give to yourself?" I realized that all that I would truely give to my
self is everything I gave to my brothers in truth. This is an amazing healing experience for me. We Are Here For Giving Our One Perfect Love to each other, and I am Glad!


A: Beloved One

Thanks for your willingness to listen to Holy Spirit and apply and practice forgiveness immediately. EveryOne is blessed in the release of illusion.

In deep gratitude

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