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The "What Is It For?" question is a powerful one. Its light took me out of my job as a grant writer, out of my Unity church, where I was a lay chaplain, and ultimately out of my marriage.

I am feeling a prompt to address the topic of Teachers. For 14 years I had a Teacher before I was ready to let go of the concept. Jesus in ACIM says that his goal is to "absolve" us of the need for a teacher! ** years ago went through a period of seeming to be a teacher with a flock of students who followed him around, until Holy Spirit exploded this illusion and the students all vanished. As you know from your own experience, the Teacher can seem to betray the student (mine committed suicide) or vice versa. There is an inherent danger in any relationship where one seems to be "above" or "more than" another. It's just another special relationship within which lie hot coals of guilt, anger and resentment that will inevitably surface. Our identity as Christ is shared. No matter how disparate our roles seem to be in the script of the world, we are the same, not different. Our shared purpose, the Holy Spirit's purpose, is for us to recognize the sameness. We come to see that the ego tapestry of images is all one, and the Light is one. And only the Light is real.

You are the love that seems to flow through my brother and his teaching. You are the dreamer of my brother and myself and everyone else in "your" life. Your "Self is ruler of the universe." You are the light of the world. You are the holy Son of God Himself. You are among the ministers of God. Your holiness shines bright and clear. You are sustained by the love of God. God's Voice speaks to you all through the day. Your heart is beating in the peace of God.

Give me your blessing, holy son of God. We ARE the same one.

I love you

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