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How Can One Surrender to God?

Q: Hi.Thank you for all you do. I am beginning a treatment program for chemical dependency.

For years I have struggled with this problem, and when I first walked into an NA meeting, I had a very limited God concept. Now, years later, and ACIM been read and practiced, I almost feel like my God concept is now far too complicated an idea to trust, and everything I have ever believed, I feel like I must let go.

How can one surrender to God? Is it a matter of practice, or is it a matter of simply letting go, which just does not seem to be simple? Thank you for any thoughts on the matter. Namaste

A: Namaste Beloved. Thanks for writing and thanks for your devotion to Awakening.

It rapidly becomes apparent that the "human condition" was one of ego dependency. Ego thoughts can but seem to veil the truth of One Self. Our Christ Self is untouched by illusion.

You wrote: "I almost feel like my God concept is now far too complicated an idea to trust, and everything I have ever believed, I feel like I must let go."

You are right on, for holding in awareness any concept (including a "God concept"), with the exception of complete forgiveness (the final concept), is a block to true release.

How can one surrender to God? How is forgiveness accepted?

These are the same question, and the Answer is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a decision and all that is asked of you is willingness to decide for God.

Each moment you do this is a miracle. And with total willingness the need for time and miracles is over. Application of ACIM, with willingness not to make exceptions to the Workbook Lessons, is what you might call "practice." And each moment, if accepted for the Holy Spirit's Purpose, is a full opportunity for "simply letting go." I am joined with you in this Purpose and we cannot fail. For God's Will is done. Nothing can change eternal Love.

With each willing moment a momentum seems to grow, and a confidence and certainty about the Holy Spirit's Guidance seems to grow as well. This momentum is like a tidal wave of Love. And as the last sands of ego are washed away, it is obvious that Love is all there is. The belief in opposites has been undone! Be open to this happy and true thought with each step you are Guided to take on the road to Recovery or Recognition of Spirit.

It has been said: "Let go, and let God," and this is sound advice. Leave the "how" to the Holy Spirit, for means and ends are one to Him. Only be willing. More you cannot do. The rest will be given you.

I Love You!

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