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Spiritual Practice is Nothing without Integrity

Beloved One

I have been asked to address the topic of Integrity once again. Integrity is a symbol of an integrated or whole mind, a mind in which there is no conflict and nothing is out of accord. Integrity follows from honesty, as honesty follows from trust, and by honesty I mean consistency and by trust I mean trust in the Holy Spirit.

It is impossible to believe in the ego and have trust, honesty, or integrity, and those who claim to teach or follow the simple teachings of forgiveness in the Bible and A Course In Miracles are called to expose and release the ego/judgment. This exposure and release of ego/judgment is a path to Enlightenment / Salvation that succeeds only through complete forgiveness. There is no partial forgiveness as there is no partial healing. The mind which seeks to compromise between the teachings of forgiveness and the self image concepts of the ego is asking for the impossible. Truth is beyond options, and there can be no compromise in the gateway of forgiveness that leads to Divine Love.

The belief system of greed and possession and control must be released entirely for trust, honesty, and integrity to be realized. Jesus said you cannot serve two masters (God and money) and you cannot see two worlds. The mind which attempts to possess has denied its Spiritual Reality and the Truth of our Being.

Many come to Christ and say Lord, Lord, but their hearts are filled with desires for control and possession. And Christ says "depart from Me, I know you not." Christ lives in God, and in God there are no illusions. Keep not one concept apart from the Light Within, or you have raised an idol image in belief and have blocked the Light of Love from awareness. Give away the belief in possession and control and be happy! Recognize the Integrity of Whole Mind, Pristine, Innocent, Pure, and Bright with Love.

You shall know them by their fruits. Love is not boastful or proud, for Love accepts ItSelf as One with Its Creator. To be humble in the Lord is to know One's True Identity in God: Pure Magnitude! Without consistent purity of thought there is nothing to spirituality except a 'show' of grandiosity - and this 'show' is but deception. Be humble in God's Love by releasing every scrap of possessiveness and pride and accepting the glory of "I am as God created Me."

The fruits of forgiveness and mind watching are Pure Joy!

Accept the Gifts of the Spirit Now! Be not tempted by specialness and the littleness of form when the Content of Spirit is available for the Asking. Behold the Good News of the Kingdom Now.

Forever and ever in Love.

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