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On Finding Your Special Function - Help With Guidance

Q: Jan. 1 of this year I started The Course over from scratch. I rapidly and dedicatedly read the text and started out strong on the workbook, but have fallen off from the workbook.....still do it but not as willingly as before. I do feel like I've learned a lot and feel very differently about things, but the best way I can describe my inner feeling are like I'm a fish out of water, floundering all over. Like I have so many pieces of information in my head but that they aren't coming together, like puzzle pieces on a table that aren't put in place. Any suggestions? I keep having these feelings that I can't do this, and I know that I can, but........

Although I understand the words intellectually and feel like I know what's being said, I cannot relate at all to the feelings.

I'm hoping you have some advice for me. Thank you.

A: Beloved One

Thanks for sharing what is on your heart. The feelings you are experiencing are very common for those who use the Course and attempt the Workbook lessons. Remember that it is up to the Holy Spirit to use your little willingness to eventually convince your mind of true forgiveness through the experience of many, many miracles. Miracles light the way, and you can already feel yourself looking upon the world a little differently than before. Each miracle convinces the mind and is a step in becoming completely right-minded.

The Holy Spirit wants to use your interests and skills and abilities in the process of Awakening. In my case He has used my university studies and communication abilities, my interest in music and movies, and my willingness to travel and express His Purpose, and the use of these things is highly individualized for each person. The Holy Spirit uses what you like and are drawn to so artfully that the ego resistance to the Light within fades and fades and falls away as miracles come and come and light the way.

Allow your mind the permission to open to the thought that Awakening can actually be fun and enjoyable, and that resistance to the Course is only the ego's judgment of progress and growth. Of course the ego resists the Course. Be not dismayed by the ego, for You are not it and it will never be You. You are the Christ, and every step in Awakening to Know ThySelf is for rejoicing! You can remind yourself often of our Worthiness of Love and our Holiness, and remember that Jesus and Holy Spirit are worthy of trust and gratitude.

Make a list of everything you love and appreciate about yourself. Then offer the list to the Holy Spirit to use in a highly individualized way in the Plan of Awakening. Pay attention to the way you feel, and be aware of ways your passion can be used by the Spirit and focused toward the Purpose that benefits everyOne.

I am with you all the way!

In Loving Kindness.

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