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Reviewing the Idea of Karma

Q: I cannot let go of this question of karma. Everywhere you turn someone has something different to say of it. ** said, "I don't believe in karma." Another said, "Even after awakening there is still karma of the body."

What is going on? Does anyone really know what it is? Does karma = cause/effect? If so, then this whole nightmare, this hallucination, belief in separation, that's the karma. But even then, when there is a so called 'awakening' the body's still hanging out. It doesn’t disappear. And sometimes it still hurts or sneezes, or eats or sleeps. I really do not understand. Do you?

A: Beloved One

Thanks for looking deeply at this universal law of mind. It has been written: "As you sow, so shall you reap" "Giving and receiving are the same" "What goes around comes around" "Cause and effect are one and there is no gap."

This one universal law of mind has seemed to bring harm and destruction to the mind which seems to
sleep and dream of a separate world of unreality. Yet this one universal law is the key to forgiveness. If you realize that you always choose your state of mind and that what you choose you choose for the whole universe, the belief in victimization has been undone.

Misuse of a divine law seems to result in miscreation until the realization dawns that in Truth it is IMPOSSIBLE to misuse or miscreate. What God creates is Spirit and Spirit creates only Spirit. If you follow this divine logic then there is the experience of Enlightenment: Truth is True. Love is Real. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.

The body was a symbol of a separate self that could never be. The enlightened mind sees the tapestry of the forgiven world in which no object or specific exists "in and of itself." Illusions are one, and thus the illusion of a "body" and the illusion of a "time-space cosmos" are the same illusion. In forgiveness there is nothing that is "still hanging out," for perception has integrated and is whole. There is nothing outside the mind and the cosmos reflects the Light of Heaven. Only a blessing remains and distortion has gone.

Since karma is a universal law, the only meaningful question is "What is it for?" What will you use karma for: to demonstrate that healing is accomplished or to maintain the wish to be separate? The first use is inevitable and the second use is impossible. It is best to accept the inevitable and release the attempt to make the impossible possible. Such is simplicity, for Enlightenment is simple.

In Heaven God and Christ, Cause and Effect are One. From the Holy Spirit's Perspective mind is unified and cannot be broken apart. The law of karma can therefore release or imprison the mind based
upon the mind's use of this universal law of mind. Purpose is the only choice. Which purpose would you have it serve: love or fear? When you align with the Holy Spirit your Answer is Love. And the
experience which comes from aligning with God is so obvious that you will never doubt again.

Peace be with you always.

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