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Releasing Common Ego Errors and Awakening

Beloved One

To escape the ego belief system and recognize Enlightenment it is necessary to expose unconscious ego beliefs and see their nothingness. The approach to Truth involves negating everything believed to be real that obscures the awareness of Truth. Once this seeming negation is complete it is obvious that the Truth is true and only the Truth is true. This is Enlightenment, Pure & Simple. So our shared Purpose is to expose and remove the obstacles to the awareness of Love's Presence: Pure & Simple.

There are two main categories of ego errors, and clarification about these categories makes exposing and releasing them very straightforward. Our Purpose is to simplify forgiveness and Awakening, and this is accomplished as disguises and distractions are laid aside. The first category of ego errors I shall call metaphysical errors and the second category I will call transfer of training errors. Metaphysical errors always involve level confusion or seeing causation in form. Transfer of training errors always include the attempt to make exceptions to the miracle. By this I mean that any exception to right-mindedness or clarity about causation being solely of the mind is also an attempt to deny the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. The ego, which seems to exist and make distorted perception, is undone by the miracle. By making no exceptions the Atonement, or complete forgiveness, dispels the ego entirely.

The ego's complexity makes A Course In Miracles a difficult course for most of its students and teachers, yet Wisdom reveals the simplicity of ACIM. If you understand that the ego is death and that a synonym for the ego is reciprocity, then you will grasp that reciprocity is death. By reciprocity I mean giving in order to get something in return. True Giving, as God Gives, asks for nothing. For Wholeness has no needs or desires and therefore simply radiates and extends. Human beings cannot understand Wholeness, for the persona is the mask drawn over the Wholeness of Being. The personality self thinks it has an autonomous existence and searches and strives to become a better self with better conditions and circumstances, not seeing the mask of the cosmos as a mask. Persons never reach Divine Silence, for the construct can never know what it was made to hide. Yet Silence is the natural State of Divine Mind and can only be accepted exactly as It Is.

There have been many books written about A Course In Miracles that reflect the personal interpretations of their 'authors.' Everything you read, hear, or watch presents an opportunity for discernment, and you will know the Holy Spirit's Peaceful Interpretation by the experience of peace. Until the peace of mind is a consistent experience be assured that one of the two ego categories of errors mentioned above is still being valued and chosen. And this means that something of the world still holds value and attraction to the sleeping mind. A Course In Miracles calls this the attraction of guilt, pain, and death. No one in their right mind chooses guilt, pain, and death, for these are always wrong minded decisions. What we shall do together in Purpose is expose these faulty decisions and show that they offer nothing that you want. A decision is a conclusion based on everything that you believe. Believe in linear time and all your decisions will be faulty ones. Release the belief in linear time and Awakening from the dream is assured and certain.

First there must be a metaphysical context for what I am speaking about. Meta means beyond, and our context for understanding and meaning will always be beyond the physical. Time is a linear construct that has no reality whatsoever, yet before it will disappear from awareness it must be turned around and viewed from a healed Perspective. Let me use an analogy from geometry as an example. If you look upon a line from anywhere outside the line you see a line. Observed from within the line there is no line, there is only a point. Similarly, observed from ego time appears to be a very long line. Yet Observed from the Holy Spirit time is only a point and that point was over long ago. To the Holy Spirit the past is over.
To the ego the past continues on and on and stretches into billions of years as it judges time. To the Holy Spirit the cosmos was a singular point of terror, a tiny tick, a mad idea that was Corrected immediately and therefore is gone. To the Holy Spirit Present Love remains All that is real and true.

The definition of being asleep and dreaming a distorted cosmos of time/space is the belief that time is not over and gone. This is the belief that the separation from God is current and also in some very strange way valuable. For if the past was not valued it would no longer be remembered and called forth in awareness. The illusion of linear time is the calling forth of an ancient instant that has no reality or existence. There is an analogy that may serve as a helpful example. When you look at stars at night you are perceiving burning gases that have long since burned out, and yet looking at a perception that still seems to be present. The same can be said with everything specific you perceive in the cosmos. Workbook lesson number 7 states: "I see only the past." This lesson is followed with "My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts." And this lesson is followed with "I see nothing as it is now." In fact the first 15 lessons of A Course In Miracles Workbook are an introduction to the new Perspective of time I am sharing with you now. These lessons can only have meaning if you are willing to release the
ego's linear perspective of time and the things of time:

In the Light of what I have just shared with you, let us review Workbook lessons 51-53, which are review lessons of the first 15 lessons in the ACIM Workbook:


The review for today covers the following ideas:

W-pI.51.1. (1) Nothing I see means anything.

2 The reason this is so is that I see nothing, and nothing has no meaning. 3 It is necessary that I recognize this, that I may learn to see. 4 What I think I see now is taking the place of vision. 5 I must let it go by realizing it has no meaning, so that vision may take its place.

W-pI.51.2. (2) I have given what I see all the meaning it has for

2 I have judged everything I look upon, and it is this and only this I see. 3 This is not vision. 4 It is merely an illusion of reality, because my judgments have been made quite apart from reality. 5 I am willing to recognize the lack of validity in my judgments, because I want to see. 6 My judgments have hurt me, and I do not want to see according to them.

W-pI.51.3. (3) I do not understand anything I see.

2 How could I understand what I see when I have judged it amiss? 3 What I see is the projection of my own errors of thought. 4 I do not understand what I see because it is not understandable. 5 There is no sense in trying to understand it. 6 But there is every reason to let it go, and make room for what can be seen and understood and loved. 7 I can exchange what I see now for this merely by being willing to do so. 8 Is not this a better choice than the one I made before?

W-pI.51.4. (4) These thoughts do not mean anything.

2 The thoughts of which I am aware do not mean anything because I am trying to think without God. 3 What I call "my" thoughts are not my real thoughts. 4 My real thoughts are the thoughts I think with God. 5 I am not aware of them because I have made my thoughts to take their place. 6 I am willing to recognize that my thoughts do not mean anything, and to let them go. 7 I choose to have them be replaced by what they were intended to replace. 8 My thoughts are meaningless, but all creation lies in the thoughts I think with God.

W-pI.51.5. (5) I am never upset for the reason I think.

2 I am never upset for the reason I think because I am constantly trying to justify my thoughts. 3 I am constantly trying to make them true. 4 I make all things my enemies, so that my anger is justified and my attacks are warranted. 5 I have not realized how much I have misused everything I see by assigning this role to it. 6 I have done this to defend a thought system that has hurt me, and that I no longer want. 7 I am willing to let it go.


Today's review covers these ideas:

W-pI.52.1. (6) I am upset because I see what is not there.
2 Reality is never frightening. 3 It is impossible that it could upset me. 4 Reality brings only perfect peace. 5 When I am upset, it is always because I have replaced reality with illusions I made up. 6 The illusions are upsetting because I have given them reality, and thus regard reality as an illusion. 7 Nothing in God's creation is affected in any way by this confusion of mine. 8 I am always upset by nothing.

W-pI.52.2. (7) I see only the past.

2 As I look about, I condemn the world I look upon. 3 I call this seeing. 4 I hold the past against everyone and everything, making them my enemies. 5 When I have forgiven myself and remembered Who I am, I will bless everyone and everything I see. 6 There will be no past, and therefore no enemies. 7 And I will look with love on all that I failed to see before.

W-pI.52.3. (8) My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.

2 I see only my own thoughts, and my mind is preoccupied with the past. 3 What, then, can I see as it is? 4 Let me remember that I look on the past to prevent the present from dawning on my mind. 5 Let me understand that I am trying to use time against God. 6 Let me learn to give the past away, realizing that in so doing I am giving up nothing.

W-pI.52.4. (9) I see nothing as it is now.

2 If I see nothing as it is now, it can truly be said that I see nothing. 3 I can see only what is now. 4 The choice is not whether to see the past or the present; the choice is merely whether to see or not. 5 What I have chosen to see has cost me vision. 6 Now I would choose again, that I may see.

W-pI.52.5. (10) My thoughts do not mean anything.

2 I have no private thoughts. 3 Yet it is only private thoughts of which I am aware. 4 What can these thoughts mean? 5 They do not exist, and so they mean nothing. 6 Yet my mind is part of creation
and part of its Creator. 7 Would I not rather join the thinking of
the universe than to obscure all that is really mine with my pitiful
and meaningless "private" thoughts?


Today we will review the following:

W-pI.53.1. (11) My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless

2 Since the thoughts of which I am aware do not mean anything, the world that pictures them can have no meaning. 3 What is producing this world is insane, and so is what it produces. 4 Reality is not insane, and I have real thoughts as well as insane ones. 5 I can therefore see a real world, if I look to my real thoughts as my guide for seeing.

W-pI.53.2. (12) I am upset because I see a meaningless world.

2 Insane thoughts are upsetting. 3 They produce a world in which there is no order anywhere. 4 Only chaos rules a world that represents chaotic thinking, and chaos has no laws. 5 I cannot live in peace in such a world. 6 I am grateful that this world is not real, and that I need not see it at all unless I choose to value it. 7 And I do not choose to value what is totally insane and has no meaning.

W-pI.53.3. (13) A meaningless world engenders fear.

2 The totally insane engenders fear because it is completely undependable, and offers no grounds for trust. 3 Nothing in madness is dependable. 4 It holds out no safety and no hope. 5 But such a world is not real. 6 I have given it the illusion of reality, and have suffered from my belief in it. 7 Now I choose to withdraw this belief, and place my trust in reality. 8 In choosing this, I will escape all the effects of the world of fear, because I am acknowledging that it does not exist.

W-pI.53.4. (14) God did not create a meaningless world.

2 How can a meaningless world exist if God did not create it? 3 He is the Source of all meaning, and everything that is real is in His Mind. 4 It is in my mind too, because He created it with me. 5 Why
should I continue to suffer from the effects of my own insane thoughts, when the perfection of creation is my home? 6 Let me remember the power of my decision, and recognize where I really abide.

W-pI.53.5. (15) My thoughts are images that I have made.

2 Whatever I see reflects my thoughts. 3 It is my thoughts that tell me where I am and what I am. 4 The fact that I see a world in which there is suffering and loss and death shows me that I am seeing only the representation of my insane thoughts, and am not allowing my real thoughts to cast their beneficent light on what I see. 5 Yet God's way is sure. 6 The images I have made cannot prevail against Him because it is not my will that they do so. 7 My will is His, and I will place no other gods before Him.


What is being undone in the Great Awakening is the perception of linear time and the identification with a linear identity that is of the ego's making. Guilt, although an illusion, seems real in awareness as long as you perceive yourself as part of linear time. The Holy Spirit stirs the sleeping mind so that it may first Observe the cosmos and experience identity from the Perspective of Wholeness in the Present, and then gently Awaken unto Eternity. A happy dream of forgiveness precedes the gentle Awakening unto Pure Oneness.

The Holy Spirit returns to awareness the power of the mind and the all-inclusiveness of the mind. The awareness of power and inclusiveness go together, since only the ego's insane attempt to judge and compare and project blocks this vastness and inclusiveness from awareness. To reject is to judge against, and this produces the optical delusion of consciousness I call distorted perception. Inclusiveness is the forgiven world, and everything of the cosmos is perceived from the Present Healed Perspective of the Holy Spirit.

I have offered many words and writings and they are all made available freely for the benefit of everyOne. Enlightenment is all-inclusive, and therefore everyone is with Me now! I give thanks to the Holy Spirit for lighting the way and for the constant reminders of Love & Peace. The Holy Spirit uses gatherings and posts as opportunities to shine the Light of Awakening and to expose and release the errors of the ego that seemed to be hidden from awareness. I invite all 'seekers' and 'students' and 'teachers' to join Me in our shared Purpose of complete forgiveness. Forgive the past and let it go, for it is gone. Only a Blessing remains, and the Big Picture is readily available to behold right now.

Blessings of Peace.


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