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Release the World of Specialness

Beloved One

Greetings of Love. Until the mind accepts complete forgiveness, the ego will seem to interpret the world from its personal perspective. Right-mindedness sees that nothing is personal because it sees the
false as false. It sees that none of the images are true and that all value and meaning are of the Holy Spirit's Purpose. Everything is an exercise in discernment, in experiencing only a right-minded interpretation of the world. Healing is right-mindedness and sickness is the attempt to make something personal.

Right-mindedness sees that everything that seems to be Given is Given from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit uses the symbols of the world to lead to the forgiven world, and therefore none of the symbols mean anything "in and of themselves." To adore and worship a symbol is the attempt to make an idol and value something specific. Yet specifics were made to take the place of Abstract Love, and no thing
can substitute for God's Divine Love. Specialness is the attempt to separate out a person, place, thing, time, or event and hold it as more valuable than the whole. The ego therefore lifts up certain specifics as better than other specifics, thereby denying that all specifics are meaningless. This error seems to take many forms, though the forms do not matter. In right-mindedness error is impossible, for by definition error is the ego and the ego isn't real. This is the healing recognition that the Holy Spirit offers.

Make no attempt to make anything special if you want constant peace and happiness. You are the One. There is nothing outside You. Such is the Truth. Specialness seeks for scraps of value in the things of
the world. Specialness seeks for special people, special techniques, special rituals, special places, and special events. Specialness emphasizes form because it knows not Love, Which is Spirit. Yet nothing specific is sacred. Who You are as Spirit is sacred, and the world was made to push the sacred out of awareness and distract the mind with meaningless specific bits of trivia and nothingness.

No thing is sacred. There are no sacred books, sacred people, sacred animals, sacred places, sacred writings, and there are no sacred events. Truth is an experience that cannot be described or explained, and words can but point towards the Truth. Words are symbols of symbols, twice removed from reality. Therefore no word or set of words can be sacred. No story is sacred. In contrast, Identity as God created Identity, remains forever sacred. Spirit is the meaning of sacred, and only the forgiven world reflects the Spirit. Therefore with regards to the world, the Holy Spirit's Perspective refects the Light of Heaven. Right-mindedness is sacred, for nothing is personal in this magnificent View.

There are those who would teach A Course In Miracles, yet to teach is to demonstrate. You teach the thought system you believe in by your attitude, and if your attitude does not reflect the words which are
spoken your teaching has missed the mark. It does not matter how many books or articles or talks or workshops or web sites you have offered or taken in, teaching and learning cannot be reduced to
anything less than the beatitudes. Teaching aims at a transformation of consciousness, and this means attack thoughts must be released. No amount of words can compensate for the unwillingness to release a grievance. No amount of 'service' or 'good deeds' can compensate for a heart that is not pure. Teach only Love, for that is what You are.

It is the quality of the experience of Love that matters, and there can be no compromise in Love. It is impossible to offer partial Love for Love to Be ItSelf. Love makes no demands. Love knows not reciprocity or exchange. If you would Love, give Love freely. Freely you have received, now freely give. Love must extend to Be ItSelf. Now is the time to go beyond words and concepts. Let the Holy Spirit use them only as a starting point, and then allow your holy mind to soar in true freedom.

Now is the time to leave behind institutions and organizations and businesses and enter into the Holy Instant. It is impossible to organize the Present Moment. Relax in peace, and make no attempt to activate a past that is over and gone. Make no attempt to plan a future that is also over and gone. Simply rest. And let the Holy Spirit show you what is currently available to be experienced.

Empty your holy mind of all concepts, even concepts about A Course In Miracles. The ego has made many interpretations about A Course In Miracles. None of them are true. There seem to be many 'teachers' and 'students' of A Course In Miracles. None of them are true. There is only One Mind, and this Mind remains untouched by illusions of specifics. Do not look for a 'teacher' outside of mind, for
teachers are but symbols of symbols, twice removed from reality. Accept the Atonement and recognize that nothing is 'outside' the mind. Concepts are not true and never were. Universal Love is not specific and cannot be reduced to a pile of images. No image can stand in the Light of the Truth of Eternal Life.

Make no idols of Course In Miracles groups or teachers or students or conferences. Make no idols of the Course or books and articles and videos about the Course. Make no idols before Thy God, and the Truth shall be Known. Make no attempt to be the author of reality. Reality is created by God and can only be accepted exactly as It Is. It is impossible to author a story that God Knows not. Such is the
illusion of the make-believe cosmos of time-space. Yes, even A Course In Miracles is an illusion. Let this Moment be the Instant of release, the Instant of transition from dreams of fear to a happy dream without judgment. Nothing is outside the mind. Accept the mind as whole, and be free.

Love & Blessings.

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