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Releasing the Death Wish Forever

Question: What would you say to someone that is wanting to end their life?

Answer: There is no ending to life. One that ends this life simply transitions. Life cannot end. The transition that you see as death is not an end to the mind. Some memories may fade, but the core that is the mind continues on. The pain and suffering that is believed within the mind accompanies the mind into the transition, so one does not find escape through transition.

One who is contemplating ending their life is suffering from loneliness. This suffering may seem to take different forms, and the person may not realize that the pain is the pain of loneliness, but that is the basis of all pain. The one who considers ending his or her life may agonize over mistakes, lost opportunities or addictions (guilt), suffer from self-loathing or live in fear of what seems to be happening or seems to be coming in the future. But if the one who is contemplating ending their life can see for even a moment beyond the pain that tortures him or her, that one will see that the real pain comes from feeling alone within the suffering. What this one seeks above all else is love. And one cannot find love by ending one's life. But that one will also not remove his or herself from love through the act of ending one's life. For each one is love, but has lost the awareness o f love through the belief in loneliness.

What each one must come to realize is that one is never alone. To be alone is literally impossible. Until a person is ready to learn that lesson, he or she will suffer from the symptoms of loneliness.

And so to one that is willing to end life, you can say, "I love you. I will always love you. And I can help you, if you will accept my help. You are never alone."

The one you say that to may be willing to accept the love you offer and they may not. Each one will choose his or her lessons. This is why you must realize that this lesson is also your own. For right now, as you sit feeling sad or afraid for the one that is contemplating ending his or her life, you are also suffering from loneliness. For you have not learned that you cannot be alone and your brother cannot be alone. You have not accepted our oneness as the only fact that Is. And so I say to you, I love you. I will always love you. And I can help you, if you will accept my help. You are never alone."

The world you live in is an illusion. Nothing is as it seems. Place your faith with Me; put your heart in My Hands. Sit within the stillness and be willing to know that I Am here. Nothing can ever be lost when you accept the truth of My Reality. For that truth is eternal and inclusive and whole.

Let the one who is contemplating ending his or her life know that you love him or her, and you be willing to accept My Love as Your Love. There is no other answer to any question. To accept My Love as Your Love is to accept the Truth as it is.

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