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Relationship is Divine

Relationships without a Divine Aim always "break up," for they are based on nothing. Divine Purpose could be described as forgiveness, the undoing and releasing of the ego. For the belief in the ego prevents awareness of True Union and Intimacy. And the underlying fear of Intimacy and Union is the ego's fear of loss of itself, the "personal self" and the "personal world." There are pseudo ego experiences of attraction and repulsion, bonding and hatred that seem to be part of what the world calls "relationship," but underneath there is always the unconscious wish to separate and "go separate ways" or the wish to maintain the private, independent sense of self (ie., individuality). This is the futility and confusion of all worldly "relationships" and attempts at the "union of bodies." True Love is of the Spirit (beyond the body) and lasts forever! The Real is What Lasts. The illusion of "relationship" fades and disappears from awareness as the Light of Truth dawns, for duality is without a foundation. What has no foundation will be washed away, for it has nothing to stand on.

Fear not when the mind seems disoriented and the world seems to teeter on its shaky underpinnings. The Truth of Light Divine is within, and our Home is not of this world. Keep the faith as you sink inward into meditation, and watch the insights into True Reality light up your mind and lead you to an entirely new Perspective on the world: the forgiven world. Contemplate on Love Divine, for you will never be content with anything else. Human companionship will never substitute for knowing and loving your Self as God created You. Self-realization is the only Aim of this world worth giving attention to, for all other goals are attempts to stay distracted from healing within and Awakening to your One and Only Identity.

There is Beauty Untold within.

Let nothing distract You from remembering the Beauty Which shines forever and ever.

You are the Meaning of Life.

For what is Life except eternal Spirit?

My Peace I give to you.

Nothing can separate Whom God created as One Spirit.

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