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Questioning Beliefs

Q: I was wondering about exposing, really exposing, beliefs and having them undone - sometime ago I came across the bit in the Course where the course says something to the effect of "you must be willing to question every belief you hold dear" - when I read that, I felt so overwhelmed and went 'oh jesus - how am I going to do that.

What I'm attempting to ask in a very long way is this what is required of us to really see the falsity of what we think we think? - what this is getting to is similar to what you mentioned in your serenity prayer article - the belief the world I see could change and it would be better for me - I'd be happier, have more peace, feel more relaxed and at ease and feel safe - if it (the world, some other, the situation or who I think I am) was different – therefore putting the cause of my upset outside of myself and failing to recognize my upset is really occurring from a present decision to get rid of peace and an attraction to guilt and peace. Would you comment on this?

I think there's probably more I'd like to speak to you about this but I have a feeling you've probably got the nuts and bolts of my question a lot more clearly than I can formulate it.

I also wanted to speak to you about my practice with the lessons of ACIM - often I feel discouraged and as I write this I recognize this is of the ego's thought system, when I practice the lesson and I don't seem to feel peaceful, relaxed and happy for no reason at all. I notice my mind seems to be quieter than it once was but it's not an activity of peace and joy which I have experienced at times - this activity of mind seems to naturally radiate to everything around me and enlighten for a better word, the world I perceive, everything seems happy and joyful without me doing a thing - I get despondent that this does not last or continue to extend and I feel separate from source again - obviously a current decision at the time and then it's followed by guilt and fear and when I don't flip out into peace again with the application of the lesson, I get despondent about my unwillingness to let go of the error - I'm pretty sure this is what we call a catch 22 and I'm on the loop train instead of the peace train - the attraction to guilt and the desire to get rid of peace is occurring in my mind and again as I type I see I can only choose now and am always speaking about something that happened in the past and I'm afraid it will happen in the future.
Any way you might have some insights into this - I'd love to hear from you -
Love to all.

A: Beloved One

Thanks for your indepth questions about questioning beliefs and your practice with the Workbook.

For many years I have been sharing conversations and meditations on coming to Peace of Mind. These dialogues and prayers have included all my attempts to bring Divine Principle into full application in my life by addressing and releasing (having Answered) all questions that seemed to arise and allowing all doubts and fears to be dissolved by the Light of Truth. The purpose has been to come to a State of Clarity and Stillness so that a single, unified purpose (forgiveness) can be grasped, and a stable perception and State of Peace can be consistently maintained. I am so grateful for the many teaching/learning opportunities that have presented themselves, for in my desire to be helpful I am helped, and everything I teach I am learning.

Our coming together gives us a precious opportunity to question perceptions, interpretations, and underlying beliefs and assumptions, all of which are based on the past, and thus uncover and experience the present moment in which we are joined as One. There is no "personal" interpretation or opinion. It is the Holy Spirit's Interpretation of a forgiven world is a bright reflection of Abstract Reality!

Though each seeming person appears to have unique personality traits, past history, skills and abilities, appearance, education, and "life situations," the Holy Spirit's goal or purpose is one. As we hold a strong intention of learning that goal, the demarcations and distinctions and roles and concepts which seemed to separate and divide us from one another fade and grow dim and disappear. Those who desire to "know thy Self" would learn the same lesson and share the same goal of Awakening from the dream of the world of fear and death.

Many seekers of truth are drawn to the idea of holding a single unified purpose that results in a unified or whole perception, a corrected perception of the world. Yet when it comes to practical moment by moment application, the idea can seem elusive. Problems, issues, and concerns seem to exist on so many levels (ie., internal mental and emotional struggles, parent/child difficulties, adult relationship conflicts, sickness and bodily concerns, financial and work restrictions, community/regional /national/and global issues, and on and on the list goes). Solutions attempted at these varying levels may seem to work for a time, but not for ALL times and in ALL cases. As one raises to awareness and releases limiting beliefs and definitions, one can EXPERIENCE the lasting peace that comes from true forgiveness--holding in mind the Holy Spirit's single purpose.

Initially, this seems to be very abstract and quite a stretch.
Holding to such a purpose, it turns out, requires a tremendous discipline of the mind (mind training) and a relinquishment of all other purposes. This seems, to the untrained mind, to be very, very difficult because the untrained mind believes in the reality of the physical as surely as it believes that separate goals are necessary to meet the many seeming different levels of need. Yet perceiving separate levels of need is a very basic error, and it leads to searching for solutions within these separate levels. This searching is the purpose for which the world was made, but the ego is all that seems to search, and the answers the world offers to the identity questions of the ego but veil the True Answer within the Mind: You are the Holy Son of God, created in Spirit, perfect, eternal, infinite, changeless Love Itself. Such is the remembrance of Self as Christ in the Mind of God.

The good news is that these last 14 years of gatherings and writings are available to help save time in the questioning process. You can learn from the experiences and questions of others, and the many CD
and MP3 recordings serve to help collapse time for a very willing and ready mind. Many have used the recorded gatherings to get to the 'bottom' of the mind in a more rapid way. These recordings and the writings available online are a way of dipping deep into the unconscious mind and loosening the beliefs so that ultimately they can be released entirely. These tools, including the music on the web site, simply help collapse the time it seems to take to Awaken. They make the process into an adventure with many mighty companions along the way.

Keep the faith with your Workbook lessons and avail your mind of all that has been freely provided. I am with you all the way and Awakening unto Christ is inevitable! Thanks be to the Holy Spirit and Jesus for leading the way and showing everyOne the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Glory to God for creating All as One in Spirit!

Love & Blessings.

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