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Purpose Determines Perception

In any situation it is most important to ask "What is this for... what is my purpose here?" For the situation will be perceived according to the purpose that was set in advance. Awakening means
releasing judgment and not trying to judge the motives of self and/or others. I learned that being attentive to one's mind was a full-time practice and required the utmost attentiveness and vigilance when beginning to discipline the mind.

A favorite ego distraction was judging the motives of others or focusing on specific behaviors and attempting to make some body or some thing right or wrong.

The Solution: Do not think of everything in the world in terms of right and wrong. Rather than seeking to judge form, the important question to ask is: "Am I in my right mind (aligned with Love) or in my wrong mind (aligned with fear)?" For where I am coming from on the inside determines what I perceive on the outside, until the belief in inside/outside dissolves completely. The Holy Spirit always reminds to look inward to beliefs and thoughts, for Correction can only occur in the mind.

I offer the following: "As a mind thinketh, so it is."

Remember this: "The thoughts I offer are from my Source, and it is my Source that gives Me My Being. I am an Idea in the Mind of God, and happily Ideas leave not their Source. This is true for
everyOne as One Mind, for there are no exceptions in Absolute Truth.

Blessings always.

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