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Uncovering the Present Moment - The Kingdom is At Hand

Truth is within the mind. Yet there is a belief system that produces deception, a state of unawareness, which obscures the awareness of truth. We have an opportunity, in a deeply meaningful way, to come together and look calmly at the obstacles to Love and ask the Spirit to bring illumination. The mind which perceives itself as existing within a world of duality always operates from a dualistic belief system. Continually questioning this dualistic belief system is often perceived as unsettling and overwhelming; yet this questioning is necessary if one is to attain a constant state of peace.

There is just one Spirit, but there appear to be many thoughts, emotions, and perceptions that conceal awareness of Spirit. These are all temptations to forget Self and God. If faith is given to these illusions, there is not willingness to question the underlying false belief at the root of all misperception. It is very important for us to be open-minded and willing to let the Spirit help us unveil this false belief.

The message I am sharing is that truth is within you and that consistent peace of mind is a goal that you can and inevitably must attain, because it is the only Reality. It's a peace that comes into awareness from being tuned in to that small, still Voice within, and letting go of another voice in the deceived mind, the ego, which is the voice of conflict, fear, and death. In that sense our topic today can be described like this: there are two voices in the deceived mind, and this discussion is a means to help each of us learn to listen only to the Voice for God or the Voice for peace, and thus bring an end to self deception.

This Voice for God or peace could be called one's intuition or inner guide. You may think of this Voice as an "Inner Knowing," or "Higher Power." What we want to do is get beyond the words, which are forms, and go deeper. We want to join in an intention to experience clarity of mind and peace of mind. We want to come to the present moment, to the realization that right now, this very instant, one is perfect. It's not a matter of trying to build up and improve one's self.

No matter how improved or inflated the limited self seems to be, it will never be the changeless, eternal Self that God created. One must be aware of the trap of thinking that one's happiness, peace of mind, and salvation are somewhere off in the future. The linear (past- future) concept of time is part of the dualistic belief system that must be questioned. There is great joy and contentment in the experience of NOW. God isn't holding out on us or dangling a carrot of eternal peace before us, saying "Here's Enlightenment, keep reaching . . .OOPS, you missed again." Enlightenment is right here, right now, for the mind that is ready, open, and willing to recognize it.

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand means it is Now. Now is the gateway to the Eternal. For time and eternity cannot both exist. All is One with God, and I am grateful for the Beloved Eternity which is Real and True. Now is the time of Salvation!


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