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A Prayer for Us

Beloved Child of God

In God's Peace there is no affiliation with anything: no affiliation with any person, place, book, country, doctrine, dogma, ritual, concept, organization, or establishment.

We are joined in Purpose or Content, and "joining in form" is a meaningless concept.

There is no "social vision" in True Vision, for the Vision of Christ remains the only meaningful goal.

In Truth we remain steadfast in our devotion to Inner Peace, Freedom, and the Love of God.

Complete forgiveness is Salvation or Enlightenment (freedom from illusions), and thus transcends the "error" of believing it is possible to separate from the Love of God, from Eternal Oneness.

The Atonement is the realization that the separation never happened.

Peace is natural.

Let us not ask questions of the impossible.

Let us accept and rejoice in our Oneness. Amen.

God Bless You Beloved One.

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