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Prayer: Clearing the Altar of the Heart

Greetings Beloved One

In this past world, the linear world of time-space, prayers were often believed to be petitions, requests, or questions. Lord grant me ... Lord I ask that ... Please Lord, I beckon You to ... Lord I have a favor to ask ... It is as if there was a Power (up there) or (out there) or (apart) that was looking down and watching over the world – a Power Who had the ability to, at times, grant wishes and favors to human beings. It also appeared to be the case that prayers were not always answered. This view could not have avoided seeing God as fickle or inconsistent or, very strangely, a Being that was capable of playing favorites. These are the concepts and perceptions of prayer that arise from an allegiance to the ego, the
impossible belief in scarcity and lack. They were but witnesses to false belief and thus were never accurate or true. Yet there is another way to see prayer.

True prayer is a way back to the recognition of the Kingdom of Heaven. True prayer is an opening and clearing of the heart – a return to the purity or singularity of desire. For prayer IS desire and, as such, prayer is continuous. Prayer never starts or stops and it is never strong or weak, sincere or insincere. One is never absent from prayer or the power of prayer. Like faith, prayer can seem to be misplaced, yet even this illusion cannot but testify to the power of the mind from which the illusion was made. Just look at the time-space cosmos. A belief in separation can seem to make a "Big Bang" out of literally nothing. As the saying goes, "be careful what you pray for, because prayers ARE answered."

"Prayer is a way offered by the Holy Spirit to reach God. It is not merely a question or an entreaty. It cannot succeed until you realize that it asks for nothing. How else could it serve its purpose? It is impossible to pray for idols and hope to reach God. True prayer must avoid the pitfall of asking to entreat. Ask, rather, to receive what is already given; to accept what is already there." Song of Prayer-1.I.1.

Prayer is actually the meditation of the heart. As visualization is the imagination that seems to arise from belief, belief is the illusory ego wisp that draws from and is powered by prayer. Heaven Itself is beyond belief, for God can be but Known. Prayer is the energy of God. In Heaven Prayer is the Song of Gratitude that echoes forever as the Eternal Oneness of Creation. In time-space, prayer is the energy which infuses all appearances and powers belief. Prayer is Itself in the Divine Silence within, in Which the Beloved of God rests in peace. The Heart Which is One has no division, for there is nothing unlike Itself.

"Prayer is a stepping aside; a letting go, a quiet time of listening and loving. It should not be confused with supplication of any kind, because it is a way of remembering your holiness. Why should holiness entreat, being fully entitled to everything Love has to offer? And it is to Love you go in prayer. Prayer is an offering; a giving up of yourself to be at one with Love. There is nothing to ask because there is nothing left to want. That nothingness becomes the altar of God. It disappears in Him."
-Song of Prayer 1.I.5.

True prayer accepts "What is." "What Is" remains forever changeless as a Gift of God.

Creation is Eternal, and God's Will is Perfect Happiness,

Wholeness is complete and total, and there is nothing to be wanted in the Wholeness of God.

There is nothing to "get" in the Reality of Allness.

The I am Presence is very literally the Kingdom of Heaven ...from Which nothing can be absent.

"It is not easy to realize that prayers for things, for status, for human love, for external "gifts" of any kind, are always made to set up jailers and to hide from guilt. These things are used for goals that substitute for God, and therefore distort the purpose of prayer. The desire for them <is> the prayer. One need not ask explicitly. The goal of God is lost in the quest for lesser goals of any kind, and prayer becomes requests for enemies." Song of Prayer-1.III.6.

The belief in linear time IS the belief in lack. The belief in linear time is the belief in "seek and do NOT find," or as the song says, "looking for Love in all the wrong places."

Eternity and time cannot co-exist. One is real and one is not.

One is Eternal Innocence, and one is the illusion of guilt.

How could innocence be found in guilt, or love be found in fear?

And how could Spirit be found in a string of images, sequenced and arranged in a line?

Divine Love, Christ, is the Inheritance of Divine Love, God, and cannot be found in specifics of time-space. The Holy Instant Calls. The experience of Now is the Answer.

"Prayer for specifics always asks to have the past repeated in some way. What was enjoyed before, or seemed to be; what was another's and he seemed to love,-all these are but illusions from the past. The aim of prayer is to release the present from its chains of past illusions; to let it be a freely chosen remedy from every choice that stood for a mistake. What prayer can offer now so far exceeds all that you asked before that it is pitiful to be content with less." Song of Prayer-1.IV.3.

Pray truly Holy Child of God: Holy Creator of Me, what is Your Will for Me. Beloved Child, Thy Will is Mine, One forever. You are created as Perfect Happiness in Eternity, and remain so forever.

"You have chosen a newborn chance each time you pray. And would you stifle and imprison it in ancient prisons, when the chance has come to free yourself from all of them at once? Do not restrict your asking. Prayer can bring the peace of God. What time-bound thing can give you more than this, in just the little space that lasts until it crumbles into dust?" Song of Prayer-1.IV.4.

We shall not be content with the littleness of time-space. We shall not ask for what can never content our Holy Mind. Blessed are the pure in Heart, for...

You Know the Rest!

Foolish beliefs have fallen from the inner altar of prayer Now, swept away by the Wind of Eternity. The Light is free to radiate completely without obstruction. A heart made free of the pursuit of idols is a Heart Which loves the Lord Thy God with all Its Being. My Heart abides forever with God. Amen.

Love & Blessings Eternal One.

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