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From Partnership to Divine Relationship

Greetings Holy One

It seems that relationship in this world involves partnership. And the concept of partnership is a mirror of the unconscious belief in incompletion or lack. Reciprocity always involves "giving to get," and this ego belief is dissolved in the Light of giving as God Gives, unconditionally and everlastingly.

Learning to give in the fullest sense will draw one out of a sense of having a separate will apart from God's Will. As long as one holds on to a self-concept or image, one must want to get something outside of One Self, and must believe it is possible to do so. The opportunity with a "partner," indeed with anybody you meet or even think about each day, is to learn how to give totally, completely, without distinctions or conditions of any kind.

Think of it like this. A partner and anybody that comes to mind are calling on the Sacred. Listen carefully to the Spirit, for what your partner or brother or sister is asking for is what you are asking for. And what you give to your partner, you give to yourself.

This is what is meant by the path of devotion. In devoting yourself to one goal, forgiveness, you lose all sense of separate interests and separate selves. No request is too large or small in this Perspective. You can only join in this Perspective, the Perspective of the dreamer--never in the dream. Love does not oppose. There is nothing to fight, defend against, or be right about. And devotion requires trust, for trust in the Spirit dissolves all doubt.

By learning to give without distinctions, you will learn to experience your Self as beyond "situations," as Everywhere and Everything! All that you need do is trust, step back, and do not interfere with an Experience that will come directly from God. True Giving will reveal Itself as You.

You will discover that relationship is not personal. The only Real Relationship is Creation and Creator. Relationship is not between persons, for thought-form associations deny the only Real Relationship of Spirit. You cannot experience what True Relationship is until you have first realized the impossibility of the attempt to make past associations take the place of Reality. Reality and God are always in eternal relationship and direct communication or "Communion."

All concepts of relationship must give way to forgiveness, seeing the false as false, and understanding that thought-forms cannot be meaningfully associated, ordered, or arranged. A hierarchy of relationships is meaningless, for Love is One and of Divine origin. Time is simultaneous, not linear and sequential. Forgiveness does not attempt to change the past to compensate for a feeling of lack or guilt or inadequacy or incompletion. It sees the past as over and gone. By seeing that the picture of the world is just a picture, the mind is freed from attempting the impossible and can recognize Itself as Changeless Mind!!! The awareness that illusions are one opens the way for the Recognition that Mind is One! This is the realization that Love is All there Is!

Thank You God for Divine Relationship which inspires forever and ever!!!

Many blessings cascade upon You Holy One!

Our Relationship is intimate and eternal and Divinely Content.


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