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How Do I Get Out of Here?

Q: I live in Australia. I've just read some of your letters and I'm in awe. It's, well it's fantastic because I've been searching for something more but not knowing what until now. I virtually have to let go of every belief I've been taught and do a complete turn around if this is what you're saying is the way home. I was brought up in the catholic faith but did my own thing looking for God. I must say this is just like the matrix film - awesome. Could you tell me where to start? How do l get out of here?

Thank you

A: Beloved One

The experience of Awakening is truly profound. To know One Self is to be alive as Spirit.

The experiences perceived through the five senses may seem real during the undoing or release of false belief, yet the experience of the Present Moment is inevitable. Just as Neo seemed to be carried along step by step in "The Matrix," the Awakening may seem like a process. There comes a Moment in which the world is seen to be past -- and this Moment is the Moment of freedom. In the Present there is no "process." It seems to require "leaps of faith" only because faith has been placed in illusion and must be withdrawn from error. The perceived world of opposites was the attempt to deny the Oneness of Reality, and as the desire for peace calls the experience of peace into awareness it is obvious that peace is without an opposite.

Here is the key:

Listen within ...the steps are obvious to a willing mind.

First it must become apparent that duality is not the home of our Self, the Christ. It is therefore impossible to be content and peaceful and happy "in" duality. All restlessness is simply the fear
of Waking. The dreamer of a dream must be aware of dreaming to awaken from the dream.

The awareness that leads to Waking is forgiveness of illusion. To forgive is simply to see the false as
false, and there are no exceptions to this state of mind. It is impossible to achieve "partial" forgiveness. Forgiveness must be experienced completely to be experienced at all.

Christ says "I am Calling you out of the world" and as the meaning of this statement is first glimpsed it is apparent that there is literally no way to participate in the thinking of the world and simultaneously "Know ThySelf." Truth and illusion have no meeting point. Perfect Love casts out fear and Light abolishes darkness.

The Guide within first leads inward toward an experience, an adventure, a discovery of the awareness of dreaming. In this state of mind it is always apparent that nothing real is happening "in" the world. The forms seem to shift and change, the dream figures seem to come and go, yet the substanceless nature of appearances (the fabric of the dream) can no longer deceive the dreamer. The matrix of the illusion of control has no attraction or allure from the Perspective that arises from thinking with God. Dream softly of a sinless world, devoid of judgment. God does not judge, for there is literally nothing
to "judge between." Forgiveness might be called the acceptance of a wholeness that knows no "parts."

Often spiritual awakening is associated with "giving up" something. This false association springs from the belief in lack, which was the impossible attempt to deny wholeness. What God creates is forever
whole and knows not of "lack."

There is no need to "give up" something that never existed -- the illusory, temporal nature of dreams is obvious when the "wish to separate" has been released. Instantaneously it is evident that wholeness never "went" anywhere, for it is ever so. Willingness to Awaken also includes the release of the desire to "get out of here," for in the discovery of wholeness there is no "here" nor "there." It is impossible to pursue or fight to escape something without "seeming" to reinforce the belief that something "other" than wholeness exists. Wholeness transcends all apparent "seeming."

If Christ is real the world is not. Spirit comes not "into" time-space.

Awakening is the recognition that Spirit is real and Identity in God is changeless.

There is a phrase of the thinking of the world called "Mind/body/Spirit." The body has no meaning because Mind is One and Spirit is One and there is no gap in what is forever One. Withdraw faith from (release) the illusion of meaning projected onto time/space/body/world and the awareness of Present Meaning is apparent as All. I am Spirit. Rejoice in this Fact! Thank You God for creating All as One in Spirit!!!

Following the line of thinking of the Holy Spirit is easy as there is no "desire" for "something" else. Awakening is natural and only "seems" difficult if appearances are given value. Value no appearance and truth instantly leaps into awareness. How simple and obvious is the truth.

I Love You forever and ever Holy One!!!!

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