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Identifying & Removing Obstacles to Inner Peace

Beloved One

I am always happy to write about removing the blocks to the experience/awareness of inner peace. Many sincere students and seekers cling to affirmations and metaphors and symbols only because there are unconscious fearful beliefs which remain unquestioned and hidden. Yet the consistent experience of inner peace comes only when nothing remains assumed to be real and true. If the awareness of falsity was applied equally to every thing in the cosmos, without exception, there could be nothing but peace of mind. Only exceptions bring the illusion of conflict, and it becomes obvious that Truth has no exceptions.

Our Mind is holy and sacred, because Divine Mind is a creation of God. Nothing is special and no thing is sacred, for nothing exists apart from God's Allness and Wholeness. Love is a State of Mind that transcends the belief in differences of any kind. Love is Sameness and recognizes ItSelf. Love is whole and complete and all- encompassing. Love never deviates. Love never changes.

Errors are mental assumptions about the nature of reality. They are beliefs in the impossible and attempts to call forth witnesses to impossibility. Metaphysical errors attempt to make something in form causative, yet no form is causative and no form has 'individual' existence. The parts do not make up the whole for wholeness is real and reality cannot be broken into parts. Once the Divine Principle is grasped It must be applied without exception to Be ItSelf. Transfer of training errors are only attempts to make exceptions to Absolute Truth. Yet happily Truth has no exceptions.

Salvation is no compromise of any kind and nonjudgment makes no compromises. Salvation might be described as leaving behind the attempt to live by two thought systems which can never co-exist.

There is no such thing as partial trust, for trust is never partial. Trust must be as total and complete as the One the trust is being placed in, and faith in the Holy Spirit always is rewarded by peace of mind. Whenever you are tempted to think you know anything about this world, remember that the world was made to hide the Love of God. Then let go of the specific thought with a smile on your face, and happily relax into peace. Peace is natural to a mind that trusts.

Glory to God!


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