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Not Getting Anywhere

Q: The Course says:

"Why would I choose to stay an instant more where I do not belong, when God Himself has given me His Voice to call me home?" (Lesson 202)

"..I am His Son, Not slave to time, unbound by laws which rule the world of sick illusions..."
(Lesson 204)

My question is this:

You have written that desire for salvation is enough. We need do nothing and in fact everything is done for us by the Holy Spirit and we cannot add anything to it. Also we need not come to the Holy Instant already healed of our fears. It is meant to heal us. If these statements are true why am I still here in spite of many years of practice and the strongest desire possible? Why is it so hard for me to have atonement and what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help! Sincerely

A: Beloved One of God

Thanks for your sincere question and devotion to Awakening. You have "done" nothing wrong in the Great Awakening to Purity of Heart.

All "doings" and "behaviors" and "perceptions" seemed to spring from a heart that desired God AND desired idols. Single desire might be called desirelessness, and this is the State of Creation. This is the meaning of "Let thine eye be single" and points to spiritual Vision or Light.

Vision does not involve the body or perception, yet this Vision is veiled from awareness as long as desire is split.

The entire time-space cosmos is nothing but a reflection of split desire. As you attempt to meditate and sink into Perfect Stillness you will notice the ego's resistance arise. This is the resistance to the "do nothing" experience of "Be Still and know that I am God." It will seem difficult to do nothing while you still believe in the ego, in personality, in linear time-space.

The ego was false belief. The ego was the belief that Creation could be broken into meaningless bits and parts. The "i" that seems to be "here" after "many years of practice" is a self-concept that has no Reality and has been dissolved by the Holy Spirit. The past is gone. This self-concept included "**" and "**'s family and friends" and the entire cosmos that seemed to surround the personality self. Now mind is opening to the acceptance of this solution, this dissolving, this undoing in the Present Moment or Holy Instant.

Look directly and calmly with the Holy Spirit at everything you are not, and happily Who You Are remains forever and ever untouched. Let go of all transitory thoughts of past and future, and Who remains is the Present Self God creates forever Perfect.

It is hard to resist accepting Atonement, for forgiveness is the most natural experience one can have with regard to this world. Being as God created One Self is the Meaning of Natural in Truth. What God creates, Spirit, is forever Natural. Anything which seems to cover over the Natural is not natural and can thus be easily forgiven or released.

Look at what is believed with persistent determination to See beyond belief with the Spiritual Vision of Christ. By desiring only God the remembrance of God comes back into Full Awareness. False desires will go for they have no Foundation, no Reality, no Source. Only desire Truth and watch and observe that all seeming decisions are already made. Effortless Observance or Witnessing is ours as the Dreamer of the dream. Nothing can touch the Dreamer Who remains aware that the cosmos was but a dream.

All Glory to the One for creating Spirit Perfect. Gratitude to the Holy Spirit for beholding the dream as false from a Perspective of happiness and peace. We are joined in this holy Perspective!

Love & Blessings shower upon the Living One.

Love always.

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