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Mind Watching

As we open our Heart in the Great Awakening, we realize that we cannot take another's path as our own and neither can we judge it.

Watching our thoughts is a "full time" task, as is releasing those thoughts which do not serve our peace of mind.

The world brings witness to our thoughts, and it remains within our power to change the direction of our thoughts.

Everyone desires deep down to be included.

By releasing all judgments, we experience the inclusiveness and all-encompassing feeling of God's Love.

With faith and trust we are shown the beauty and love and joy that is our very Being, the Self Which is beyond any need for "external" validation or confirmation.

You are a blessed Spirit and happily we walk together on the Selfsame Road.

Thank you for shining your light and for opening to the Divine Love within that transcends the appearances of the world.

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