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What is the Meaning of 'Ideas Leave Not Their Source?'

Q: In the workbook, lesson 167, it states, "Ideas leave not their source." I have heard you and other students of the course quote this short sentence, but I do not understand the meaning of this statement, and I respectfully request your clarification.

In kindness and love

A: Beloved One

Thanks for writing.

In Heaven this idea means Christ remains in the Mind of God and can never really "leave."

With regard to this world the idea means that there are no problems apart from the mind because
ideas leave not the mind which seemed to think them.

Everything that seems to be "manifested in the world" are really thoughts and concepts, and thoughts and concepts never leave the mind that thought them. The ego's attempt at projecting thoughts to a seeming "outside cosmos" is delusional because everything is mind and there is therefore nothing "else" at all. This is also why all seeming illness is mental illness and has nothing to do with bodily symptoms.

Salvation or Enlightenment is therefore nothing more than escape from false concepts that have no reality or existence. This brings an end to the illusory idea that there can be an "inner" AND "outer," for mind is one in forgiveness and Mind is One in Reality.


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