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What is the Meaning of 'Guilt' in ACIM?

Q: I am very big on ACIM, and have dramatically changed my life because of it, however I have a question that I have never completely understood.

Can you please elaborate on what "guilt" means in ACIM. Every time I get to a section about guilt, my eyes read it, but my mind does not comprehend it. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you do.

A: ACIM teaches that there are really only 2 emotions: love & fear. Guilt, therefore, would be a form of fear. Ontological guilt for believing it is possible to separate from God is a deep unconscious feeling of wrongness in the sleeping mind. Guilt follows from the unconscious belief in sin or error.

All apparent symptoms of sickness are the result of the attempt to project this unconscious guilt onto the body. As error is released, guilt is replaced in awareness by the Love that resides deeper still at the core of our Being.

Guilt, as the term is used in Psychology, refers to the feeling connected to behavior that is judged to be wrong. Yet guilt is the result of false belief and is healed in forgiveness as ACIM teaches it. Behavior is an effect. When the false "cause" (ego) is exposed and released completely, the experience of guilt is

Peace & Blessings.

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