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Love Extends Love

You are the Gift the world awaits.
Your laughter is the Present that sets the world free.
Your Peace brings Peace to all the world.
In You is the world reborn anew, that Love may extend Love.
What could be received that You do not already have?
You are the Gift!
For God created You Perfect in Eternity,
and what dream of time could interrupt What Is forever Perfect?

The Stillness of the Present extends all presents that reflect the Light.
Nothing to plan, nothing to do, nothing to fix, Everything to accept.
Loves gives of ItSelf, for Love is ever extending.
Love looks not backward or forward, for Love is not sentimental or wishful.
Love is content to Be ever Present.
Let this Moment Be all there is to time, and You instantly feel the freedom and glory and vastness of
Let the Present be the present You offer All.
Your smile lights up the whole world.
Your joy leaves the world blessed.
Your glee is God's Will, for glee extends on forever and ever.
The Inner Child is the Christ, and behold the Child's Inner beauty and innocence.
The world is reborn in the Light You bring.

Look with Love on all that You behold.
There is nothing outside of the Glory that is You.
Nothing of the world need change for You to Be as You always have been and shall forever Be.
Holy are You, Eternal, Free, and Whole.
Thanks be to God, for Love extends Love.
There is nothing else.

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