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Looking Past the Form by Releasing False Beliefs

Q: I have been listening to some of the CDs about seeing the raising of funds for the sick as believing in sickness and sickness in a brother/promoting an illusion (my words), so to speak.

This is my question: I take care of the seeming body of the one who gave this seeming body birth. In so doing, am I promoting the belief in myself and in my brother in the illusion of sickness? The body lies there, not communicating, not moving, eating, etc. It is seemingly healthy, yet the mind does not make it function. Sometimes my brother looks at me. Sometimes my brother seems to be my mother. Sometimes, but seldom, I have talked to her, sometimes to my brother, reminding him of who he is; that is, when I am moved by the Spirit to do so. In those times the eyes lock on mine and seem to be connecting and resonating or absorbing, or something. If I speak on any other premise, such as saying what I am going to do (like move or bathe the body) or if I ask a question, the eyes shut real tight and avoid looking at me. I play Music of Christ songs next to the bed during the day. At any rate, I seem to have a brother who has chosen to cease moving or communicating, yet has not yet chosen to lay the body down. At least, in my understanding, this is what seems to be happening.

I seem to have no choice in this matter. At least I have not heard any guidance from the Holy Spirit, or perhaps I am not willing to hear if it is saying to put the body in an institution. I am sure if Holy Spirit was saying to do that, He would make a way and give me peace about it. Not until I met your friend did I begin understanding my brother is my teacher, and I seem to still be learning through my experiences with this brother. Perhaps my brother is waiting for me to know that we are one. Sometimes my brother looks at me expectantly, seeming to be searching. Or perhaps my knowing will help my brother to know. Have you any answers for me?

A: Beloved One

Thanks for your e-mail. Everything you think and say and do teaches all the universe what you desire, believe, think, feel, and perceive about yourself.

Recently I wrote what Christ shares in ACIM about the holy encounter: "As you see him you will see yourself; as you treat him you will treat yourself; as you think of him you will think of yourself."

Everyone is our brother/sister in Christ and is due immense gratitude because they mirror what is still held in mind and believed to be true and needs to be released. Your state of mind and your perception are always your choice. Only you decide what you desire, believe, think, feel, and perceive. There are no "external factors" in a decision of mind for there is literally nothing "outside" of mind. The question is not really "what to do?" but instead "what do you want to see?," for what you want to see is what you believe you are.

Every question is a question of identity, and while you believe in a make-believe self-concept that God did not create your choices are limited. Your ability of choice is limited to either aligning with and choosing the ego's personal perspective or aligning with and choosing the Holy Spirit's Perspective.

This is your range of choice and you have no other. Decide to accept Atonement and the concept of choice vanishes entirely, for in Heaven or Reality or Pure Oneness there is nothing to choose between.

Decide for the miracle and you feel the peace of a mind that is whole and a glimpse of wholeness. Decide for the ego and you feel stuck in a frustration and conflict of trying to be something that you are not.
You wrote that you see a body that is not functioning and needs to be cared for. This is a mirror perception of what the ego mind believes is true. When you allow the Holy Spirit to share ideas through you, you perceive one who whose eyes "...seem to be connecting and resonating or absorbing...." What does this tell you?

It tells you that you have a function the Holy Spirit would have you fulfill by allowing Him to speak and smile through you. You have a Purpose to share true ideas, thus strengthening them in your awareness. What you teach is what you learn, and thinking is teaching. You are teaching all the time based on what you desire, believe, think, feel, and perceive about yourself.

Your function will carry you far beyond a bedside, far beyond Alabama, far beyond the time-space cosmos, for your function will carry you to the Gate of Heaven, the Atonement.

You have a Light to shine. Do not hide this Light under a table.

You have a love for the Bible and can speak for God using the inspired words and verses of the Bible. The opprtunities are many and they are waiting only on your Answering God's Calling for you. You will be a teacher of God and will seem to speak to many in the years to come. And through this function you will find the experience of the Answer you have requested, for Who You Are is the Answer that everyone who walks this world seeks.

Christ is the Answer! Love is the Answer! You will be given specific instructions and direction from the Holy Spirit once you are willing to hear them. There are many answers you have received but have not heard. The Holy Spirit is holding these answers you seek for you until you are ready to hear them. They all reside within your heart and await the readiness of mind to be heard.

I close with a quote from the Bible:

"That which is born of the flesh is flesh. That which is born of the Spirit is Spirit."

Is your brother/mother flesh or Spirit? Remember, as you see your brother/mother you will see yourself. And remember that the Way God created You is Reality: Perfect, Eternal, Innocent, Loving, Spirit Which has no opposite. :)

Love Always.

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