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Workbook Lesson 157

Q: Hello

This lesson states that it brings us to the door where all learning ceases and we catch a glimpse of what lies past the highest reaches it can possibly attain. ...it ushers in a new experience; a different kind of feeling and awareness. ..Today you learn to feel the joy of life.

But I have had no such experience. Does this mean I am not doing the lessons properly? I have all along very diligently practiced exactly as specified. Now I am beginning to feel dejected and hopeless. What happens to those of us who, even after going through the text and workbook lessons, cannot get salvation? Do we have to die and come back in another life to continue our journey?

I have another question. Even though I am practicing the lessons exceedingly well, there are days when I am unable to proceed to the next lesson. Thus there are days I go without practicing. However after I become less agitated, I restart my practice. Is this alright? However much I try, I cannot practice one lesson per day. Should we strictly follow one lesson a day suggestion for them to be effective?

Thank you for all your help.

A: Beloved One

Thanks for writing and for your devotion to Awakening. Think of these Workbook lessons as a laboratory for applying the ideas and putting them into practice.

It is wonderful that you are willing to do the lessons. Cultivate and nurture this willingness, and when
the feelings of agitation, dejection, or hopelessness arise just apply the lesson of the day to whatever is in your awareness. You were instructed to not do more than one lesson a day, and this does not mean that you cannot stay with a lesson for more than a day if it feels helpful.

When you notice that you are not feeling at peace or judge that you are not experiencing the meaning of what the lesson is pointing to, simply return to the idea of the day. The lessons are collections of words designed to help train the mind to a new perception of everything and everyone. If you read through the web site at http://awakening-mind.org you will find many resources that help you deepen into the mind and with devotion and practice these Awakening ideas will feel more and more natural. All the support of the Holy Spirit and the angels is with you in this Awakening. The people you meet and the symbols that reach your awareness will increasingly reflect the deepest desire of your heart: to Awaken in God's Love.

Be not concerned about the seeming "death" of the body. The body is merely a device, a symbol among symbols, used by the Holy Spirit to help Awaken the mind which seems to sleep. Your work with ACIM will help you release the ego's use of the body and world, for the ego's purpose was a death wish. Once this death wish is exposed it is no longer attractive, and it is laid aside forever. Practice the lessons with passion and devotion for the mind is thus made ready to accept complete forgiveness and experience the Truth of Being.

I am joined with you in this holy Purpose, and nothing can prevail against our joining. I am with you all the way Beloved Child of God.

Blessings abound! All Glory to God!

Love always.

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