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On Joining

Joining is usually seen as an action in this world. As with everything of this world, the true meaning of joining is approached as old definitions are laid aside. What could never leave need not return, and what could never separate need not join. Mind is One and can never be broken into separate, private, isolated fragments, each with private thoughts and a different perspective on the world.

Likewise truth is not a collection of parts that unite to make a whole, for truth is One. The Whole is One and is far beyond the so-called "sum" of the parts. To forgive is the meaning of join, for to see illusions as one (tapestry) is simply to release the thought of parts. Nothing exists apart from the One, for connection is just another name for Union and Oneness. Forgiveness is the Point of the world, and no amount of "connecting the dots," "networking," or "trying to bring people together" is necessary to solve a problem that does not exist.

To join is to accept the Changelessness of Mind. How simple and easy is the truth! Seek not to change the world. For one can but accept That Which Is, now, always, & forever. What is the same (forgiveness) cannot be different, and What is One (Heaven) cannot have separate parts. Forgiveness seems to collapse time, while Oneness is beyond time entirely. I join you in the Purpose of forgiveness, for what else could joining mean? Forgiveness is Content and has nothing to do with specific forms.

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