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Is It Real?

Q: Forgiveness offers me everything that I want. These thoughts came today.

It is real that forgiving the world is forgiving myself? Forgiving my own making? So as I forgive the world I am forgiving myself?

Is it real that I can look at everything in this world, with no judgment or attachment, knowing that everything that exists is love? So I can be happy, in peace and certain?

Is it really that God has chosen us, to share his vision, heal ourselves, heal brothers, bringing his light. Being at one with Him and with our brothers?

Are our brothers ourselves?

Is it real that this is our journey back home, his plan, my path of salvation, a journey back home to Heaven?

Is it real that just my willingness for truth and faith replaces all errors in my mind? That holy spirit guides us, and that there is no effort or doing from our part?

Was this experience somewhat similar with you?

Would love to hear some depth in this regard from you. Love.

A: Beloved One of God

Yes my dear brother in Christ, forgiveness offers everything that you want!

As you forgive the ego self that could never be, you have also forgiven the world. God did not create the world and so it must be forgiven or overlooked, so that the Spirit Which God creates can be
recognized and experienced.

As you forgive you can look at everything in this world, with no judgment or attachment, knowing that everything that exists is love. In this you can be happy, in peace, and certain.

As you forgive you understand that God has chosen you to share His Vision and Be a bringer of Light, Being at One with Him and with our brothers.

As you forgive you see that everyone shares the same Self, One Mind.

As you forgive you see that this is our journey back Home, His Plan, our path of Salvation, a journey without distance back Home to Heaven, our Eternal Love in God.

It is true that just a little willingness for truth and faith replaces all errors in the mind. The Holy Spirit Guides with certainty and gentleness and you need but be willing to move in the direction of truth.

Yes, this is my experience, and I share it fully with you in the Holy Spirit. No one can fail who seeks to know the truth of this experience.
You can feel the Guidance carrying you along to a certain inward Destination. Every seeming step will grow in confidence, for one is never alone on this journey. God is inevitable, and nothing can come to keep the mind from the Great Awakening! Let go, surrender, and enjoy the miracles.

Thanks for Answering the Call with a resounding Yes! I look forward to seeing you very soon. Those that have heard the Call and Answered are showing up. They are gathering for the final turns of the seeming script and the way is short now. We have come together to rejoice in God's Love and Oneness, and in our Own Oneness in God. God and Christ share the same Will for Perfect happiness. The time of Heaven is at hand and the celebration is on.

Love, love, love.

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