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Is the Devil Real?

Q: Could you be so kind as to bring clarity to a question I just haven't been able to get a consistent answer on. Is there an entity of evil such as Lucifer, Satan, Demiurge... etc. as mentioned in the Bible, Urantia, Gnostic writings etc. that is out to sabotage mankind's awakening? Or is what appears as an evil force just another one of the egos attempts to confound, frighten and confuse the sleeping mind?

Thank-you for any help on this subject. Sometimes when I have experienced great fear, it seems as if it is coming from outside myself, for no particular reason, not in response to any logical precipitating event. I have woken up from sleep feeling as if the devil had his hands around my throat. I don’t want to be tricked if it is merely my own ego devices to keep me stuck here and the attempt to eradicate the source of fear comes from me being misinformed thinking I need to resist some malevolent entity rather than recognize it is my own unhealed mind. We are taught resist the devil and he will flee from you. The devil roams about seeking someone to devour.... Jesus saw satan falling from heaven etc.

What does this mean? I have felt at times as if there is a blackness that is trying to swallow me alive. Is this just the ego's attempt to keep me chasing circles of fear? Thank-you for your help and patience on this topic. And if there is a real devil do we need to forgive him also? Wanting to wake up!!


A: Beloved One

Thanks for writing. The devil/lucifer/satan is just a belief held in mind. When the belief is exposed and released it is apparent the belief was never real at all. The ego is synonymous with belief, and in Heaven there is no belief. Everything of God can only be Known.

The ego is dispelled by withdrawing faith from it, not by attempting to fight or resist it. What a mind seems to fight or resist seems to persist in awareness because the struggle comes from the belief in opposites. To believe that Divine Love can have an opposite, which is the ego, is clearly insane.

Forgiveness is the release of illusion, and the ego is to be released. It only seems to be a battle while the belief in opposites is held as real. Illusion is not dispelled by words, but it is dispelled by aligning with Holy Spirit and by accepting the Correction for error. Error is never to be fought against. It is only to be exposed as nothing and thereby released from awareness.

The concept of entities is nothing more than a projection, and it is more direct to say that the ego and the Holy Spirit are decisions. Decide for God by accepting the Correction for error. The sole responsibility of the teacher of God / miracle worker is to accept the Atonement. This acceptance brings consistency and peace and stability to the mind. This opens the way for the remembrance of the
Kingdom of Heaven / Divine Mind / Christ / God.

In Love & Gratitude.

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