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Feelings of Irritability or Frustration

Hello Beloved One

Thanks for your e-mail. As you progress with your study and application of ACIM you will be increasingly aware that a twinge of irritability or frustration is the same as intense anger or rage, since there are only two emotions with regard to this world. The wide range of emotions that seem to be experienced in this world are variations of Love's reflection (alignment with God) or variations of fear (alignment with ego).

Wrong-mindedness is the experience of illusion as if it were real, and regardless of the degree or direction of the error, the mistake is the same. This is why there is no order of difficulty in miracles and no hierarchy of illusions. Right-mindedness is the solution to wrong-mindedness, regardless of the form the mistake may seem to take.

If irritability or frustration arise at times, it is best to treat them the same as any upsetting emotion or situation or thought. Use your daily ACIM Workbook lesson as instructed by Jesus, and apply it to whatever you are feeling.

The lessons aim at transfer of the Divine Principle to every situation and thought and emotion you seem to experience, to make way for the Vision of Christ. When the mind training exercises in undoing (learning complete forgiveness) are completely transferred to everything and everyone, without exception, a complete conversion or transformation of awareness will result. This is the learning goal of ACIM, and it requires nothing less than unlearning everything you believe about yourself and the world.

Happily we are joined in the same Purpose and can ultimately experience only the Love that We are right Now. The mind watching is continuous and vigilance Asked for by Holy Spirit remains essential until the realization dawns that Love has no opposite. Let us hide no thought or belief or emotion from the healing Light of Love and trust the Holy Spirit to lead the way.

Many blessings.

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