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Introductory Q&A Session

Greetings Beloved

Q: What was/is paradise?

A: "Pure Spirit/Eternity/Light/Love/Infinity"

Q: What is Heaven on Earth?

A: "Seeing the world without judgment"

Q: Do you believe it is possible?

A: "It is a stepping stone or metaphor in Awakening to Spirit"

A: What is healing of the world?

D: "Accepting that the mind is whole, not fragmented."

Q: How can you socially help, so a soul that is experiencing dream of dying from hunger in Africa can experience Truth?

A: "Release the belief in separate souls/private minds/private thoughts and the world is healed. There is no problem apart from the mind."

Q: How do you classify out of body experiences and the forms on higher vibrational planes like Christ plane or Etheric planes?

A: "Out of body experiences are perceptual metaphors for a mind which believes it is "in" a body. Christ is Reality and therefore not a belief, level, plane, or concept. When the sleeping mind is emptied
of all concepts and beliefs, Divine Mind is recognized as Reality. Such is the Christ. Spirit never enters "into" form. When the illusion of ego is raised to the Light it dissolves. Such is Awakening."

Q: You said that there is no mind/spirit in matter. Is Spirit/Mind present in you?

A: "Spirit is ever present. The word 'David' is a symbol or representation, not Reality. Spirit, Being Abstract and limitless, is beyond personality. The I AM is Spirit."

Q: Was/Is Spirit/Mind present in Jesus?

A: "The word "Jesus" is also a symbol or representation. Jesus the Christ is a phrase indicating the apparent representation or demonstration of Reality. Yet Reality is One, beyond any/all symbols."

Q: What about Neo's Mastery over illusion in movie "Matrix" (stopping bullets seen)? Or movie "Dark City"? Isn't that a Holy Spirit Work in mainstream media?

A: "These are excellent symbols of Mind over matter and the power of forgiveness to have dominion over the world of images. Yet the Holy Spirit does not work 'in the world,' but 'in the mind' that believes the world is real. The Point of healing is the release of the illusory 'lens' of fragmentation.
For a deeper explanation of this, please read the journal Mind Overhaul available from the web site at:
www.awakening-mind.org. Interpreting the Holy Spirit as using symbols is accurate, yet it must be remembered that HS uses time to teach there is no time, and symbols to teach a unified Perspective in Which symbols are no longer necessary. Thus forgiveness is more accurately an unlearning everything about the world than a learning in the sense of accumulating skills and abilities in the world."

Q: Can you feel Oneness with me and with All that is True in this illusion? If yes, what is the rush to the formless world?

A: "Unified or healed perception is feeling the Oneness and Love that comes from the experience of nonjudgment. Nonjudgment is a Perspective (joined with HS) of the illusion and realizes it is not 'in' the illusion. The dreamer of a dream, aware that the world is only a dream, is not identified as being a figure or participant 'in' the dream. The fear was generated by the belief that one is 'in' a dream, a body. The peace comes with the dreamer of the dream Perspective, joined with the Holy Spirit."

Q: Do you vote and for whom?

A: No. Peace is seeing that there literally are no "sides" to take and no "change" possible 'in the world.' This is what changing your mind about your mind means, as I shared in the 'social vision' post earlier. Change the 'lens' and not the 'script' for right-mindedness is a real alternative with which to view the dream. It is impossible to change a script that is past, that is already written. Seeing this is peace. Seeing this is the Correction. It is accepting the Holy Spirit's Correction instead of attempting a 'personal correction,' which of course is no correction at all."

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