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Intimacy, Peace and Freedom - The Fruits of Mind Training

Intimacy, peace, & freedom. Deep down, that's what everyone wants and searches for. And where are they to be found? Who among us has not sought for them in the physical? Who among us has not associated intimacy with the closeness of bodies, or peace of mind with a special place, or freedom with money or mobility? True intimacy, peace of mind, and freedom transcend the physical. As one outgrows the physical concepts and definitions, one can more clearly understand that holding in mind the Spirit's single Purpose, One that is not of this world, is how true intimacy, peace, and freedom are

Initially, this seems to be very abstract and quite a stretch. Holding to such a purpose, it turns out, requires a tremendous discipline of the mind (or mind training) and a relinquishment of all other purposes. This seems, to the untrained mind, to be very, very difficult only because the untrained mind believes in the reality of the physical as surely as it believes that separate purposes are necessary to meet different levels of need. Perceiving separate levels of need is a very basic error, and it leads to searching for solutions within these separate levels. Eventually the false concept of levels of need must be questioned for the mind to recognize its natural state of intimacy, peace, and freedom. The problem of separation is in mind, not world, for there are no problems apart from mind. Mind, in Reality, is not private and separate.

The present moment is the focal point for Awakening. It is the point of power. Desiring to be happy is to live in the moment and go with the Universal Flow. It is not the "choice" of forms or behaviours, of reading this post or watching a TV show for example, that will bring peace or upset. It is not in the "doings." Purpose/perspective is the real choice, and that is why discernment is important. It is the purpose you give or the meaning you assign to reading this post or watching the TV show that will bring you peace or upset. There is no inherent purpose in any form. The mind always "finds" what it desires deep inside.

Why does it often seem difficult to keep attentive to the present and hold the Spirit's single Purpose in mind? The deceived mind is untrained and is unwilling to keep attentive to the present because it is afraid of the present. All the chatter in the mind and all the drama and busy distractions and outlets are defenses against the present moment, where Stillness is. The deceived mind is afraid of the Spirit. All goals and purposes of the self-concept are of the ego and were made to obscure the Spirit's single Purpose. The fear, then, comes from the mind's attachment to the self-concept.

There is often much talk about detachment as a solution. And often there is a sense that detachment would really bring peace, if it were possible. But trying to be detached is met with resistance, for the mind remains confused about what to detach from, confused about form (appearances) and content (purpose). Excuses are offered. The old thought patterns and resulting behaviors remain. One is left, once again, to talking about, or just trying to completely forget about detachment. My friends, one must understand the "nature of attachment" very clearly before one can be detached and at peace. To hold to the Spirit's single Purpose, one must be able to discern the "nature of ego thought," regardless of form.

This is the Purpose we are gathering to experience and share together and with all. We invite the Spirit to make clear to us our naturally loving thoughts and experiences. This is our ongoing invitation to the Spirit. We bring a sincere intention, a willingness to go deep into the Heart of God . We "show up" open to the Spirit and eager and ready to be shown our own Holiness!

This community experience could be described as a very open sharing of expressions of love in which no questions, concerns, or topics are "off limits." One thing is sure: feelings of peace and joy are indicators of choosing to hold the Spirit's single Purpose in mind. And cultivating a sincere intention to discern the "nature of ego thought" and to happily let it go leads one to a greater willingness to choose peace instead of fear. For why would anyone choose fear unless, unrecognized, it seemed to offer something of value? Once the ego is exposed as nothing of value and all belief is withdrawn from it, it merely ceases to seem to be. For only Spirit remains, and Spirit is now, forever, and always! Yeah for the Great Awakening! We are remembering the Truth of our very Being--eternal, changeless, infinite, & perfect. And all are blessed in the remembering of our Oneness.

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