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The Impossibility of Attack

You have perhaps heard the story of Jesus. Jesus was a clear, bright demonstration of unconditional love. He saw only the Christ in everyone and everything. No one is separate from the Love of God. Yet many if not most people of his day seemed upset with Him, upset to the point that they seemed to crucify Him. Yet what is the lesson we would learn from Him: That Christ is Spirit and cannot be crucified. Innocence is incapable of seeing attack, for how could there be Innocence if attack were real. This is why guilt is unreal: attack is impossible. This is the only lesson Jesus taught, though it may seem very difficult to grasp.

All are beginning the process of learning this one same lesson: attack is impossible. Anything perceived as upsetting is only a mirror of the guilt in which you still believe. Any perception of upset, in yourself or others, is a misperception based in guilt. Yet how could love and guilt co-exist? God is real. Spirit is real. God is Love and Love has no opposite. This is the meaning of unconditional love, and what lesson but this would you want to teach and learn? It will make you feel gloriously happy!!!

If you experience anything but Supreme Happiness, you were not clear of your Purpose. Be clear of what you want and you shall feel the happiness of Innocence and not the confusion of guilt. Are you innocent or guilty? God loves you forever, unconditionally, and nothing can change God's Mind. Is this not wonderful news?!!!!

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