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Holy Union: Undoing the Construct of Coupleness & Partnership

Q: .I keep hearing that Love is content and not form of any kind. It is just all so strange for it is really unequivocal and it is the call to release the world entirely and yet I do not have a sense of what lies beyond it so it feels like stepping into nothingness, a void, emptiness.

Although I feel very strange lately, I feel a sense of freedom that I want very much. I feel free to have full relationship with everyone and anyone without 'anyone' telling me that it is not appropriate or without it being a threat to any other relationship. I want this very much. I am just going along, confident all ego beliefs will be undone as this is the only direction, the only thing that can happen in my experience-there is nowhere else to go.

The ego's agenda was to maintain the separation. One way this was done was through the belief in personal relationship. Not only is all personal relationship based on shared symbols, but it is itself a symbol. It is a witness to the 'fact' that connection had to be made, that it was not already Given, not already Present, Perfect, and Whole. Ego claims there is a need for 'connection,' and that there is another with whom that need must be fulfilled. If I buy into the claim that a personal relationship is a genuine need, I enter more deeply into the web of illusion and specialness. I not only distance myself from the awareness of the real need (Atonement), but I agree to wholeheartedly accept a world of bodies and private minds.

If I am honest with myself I will ask myself some important questions. Why do I believe I need to be with a particular person? Why couldn't it be anyone or everyone I happen to meet on the street? Memory, symbols, and fear were the substance of the dream of separation from God. If I make these the basis for 'connection' I remain lost, and Truth will seem to be always just out of reach. When I remember that my connection is equal with everyone because it has never not been there, and when I see with the Love that is All there is, the Memory of our Wholeness and Completion is restored to Me as the Christ.

This is not just radical thinking to a society and world which expects and cherishes 'connections' based on specialness - this is the beginning of its undoing. I am struck by the insanity of wanting to share common reaction to particular symbols. Likes and dislikes are only part of the ego's conspiracy to convince the sleeping mind that there ever could be a difference between my brother and me. It is part of the conspiracy to convince my mind that there is, in fact, a person called 'me' and a brother (separate person) that have actual existence. It is only fear that would stop my mind from realizing/recognizing the perfect connection I have already with everyone, with everything right now. Wholeness can never be remembered by joining with something in form, because exclusivity is precisely how I 'lose' it. Love can have no object. The ego is like the witch in the Wizard of Oz. When you pour on the Truth, it screams frantically before melting into nothingness. :)

If I want to satisfy the human desire for companionship and hugs, I have to be prepared for the personal fallout. I can't deny making concessions to identifying with ego desires and cravings, and yet I see they must be exposed for exactly what they are. Ego desires deny that I am whole and complete right now. And if I justify my human needs, do I also recognize my brothers? Ego error wants to be ignored and denied so that it can remain hidden, operating unseen, but it can't really be released until it is first uncovered. This is what I have learned from you Beloved David, reminder of our Self.
Sensualism or sexuality is the ego's distractive 'answer' to the seeming absence of God's Love. Sex had to be a fairly convincing substitute to discourage the desire to know Eternal Love. In this world the ego seems to accomplish its goal surprisingly well, but if I equate sex with seemingly milder impulses and preferences which are deemed 'natural' to the world, error still has the first and last laugh.

If I have a need to pair off or be part of a couple, I can admit I still believe in bodies and personal minds, or I can make an elaborate justification for it and claim that coupleness is a symbol. I can even call it a holy relationship. But is it?

Any residue of specialness, any exclusivity, any personal-ness is a gross distortion of the Truth. Any parceling out or dividing up of Love can't be Love. Love equals inclusion, the totality of Oneness. The Infinite, Creation, a grand symphony of Harmony - allows nothing to be excluded. Its Oneness is perfectly indivisible. Love, Life is Whole in God's Creation. The true Holy Relationship is God and Christ, Creator and Creation. Dedication to God doesn't demand division or exclusion. It doesn't require dedication to some other body as a 'means' to accomplish Holy Union. Holy Spirit Asks that we see the Christ and only the Christ - always.

Pairing off is an anchor to the dream of separation and specialness - not a devotion to Truth. Any other body singled out reinforces the belief that there can be a personal mind contained in a personal body, and that it can legitimately have a preference for this other body. The ego can claim its purpose is to experience 'heaven.' A couple, comfortable in illusion, is a construct which often claims it has a special and holy 'purpose.' It is special, but is it holy? Is this sharing Heaven or the 'chuckle' of the error celebrating its apparent victory over Wholeness?

The only belief to be forgiven is the belief in death, the belief that Life can be anything unlike Eternal Spirit. Obviously transcending the belief in death isn't about holding to a particular temporal experience - whatever it looks like - and it isn't about preventing someone from 'physically' dying because belief in body death is just an effect. The death that must be forgiven or transcended is the belief that there could ever be fragmentation of God's Son, that anyone or any-thing could ever be separate or apart from anything else. What is this fragmentation if it is not believing that Love is special, contained, and limited, and that its source could be found in a body?

Time/space as a linear experience is the death experience. Any perception of separate and distinct
identities incorporates birth and death (duality). Many human beings delight in one and mourn the other, but they're the same belief. Therefore holding on to a 'healthy body' concept for a 'longer time period' is meaningless. Heaven is the Wholeness that is Now. It is the inclusive expression of Self that knows no other.

Can a mind continue to justify the littleness and grandiosity of special relationships knowing this is a death sentence? Heaven is the recognition that there is Only One Mind - nice name for a booklet. :) The Holy Relationship of God and Christ, Creator and Creation, is found in the recognition that there aren't two to form a 'union.' There is only the perfect indivisibility of Love and Its Infinite Expression. This could never be contained, limited, or finite. It is without object. Holiness is Wholeness.

Al that I can ever do is rejoice. I rejoice in Mind and Its Infinite expression of creativity and intelligence. God's Perfection is expressed everywhere and always. The Truth is that mind is forever freed from the burdensome belief that it could ever create a world. What a relief! Spirit never created matter, never created the finite. Authorship is the Domain of God! Christ happily shines and expresses the Perfect of God. I rejoice with You as One!

In Love & Harmony


A: Beloved One

I rejoice in our Source! How happy is the Christ. How fulfilled and All-harmonious. You are truly Love & Harmony. I am Soaring and Soaring. I feel Our Presence and glow and radiate in Our Love. There is no linear world to share, no time or space to spend 'two-gether,' no bodies to be 'close' or 'far apart,' nothing to nurture or cultivate or grow or work out. How Absolutely Blissful is Life in God this Moment! All is One Glorious Dance, ever in step with God. There are no logistics or details in Our Love. It is so Vast and Abstract. There is no coming and no going, no hello and no good- bye. Life sees Life in Vision, Love extends Love in Mercy, Spirit reveals Spirit in Recognition, and the One Which Is rejoices and celebrates Forever!

How laughable is the world which isn't. How perfect is the Divine Light of Love. Joy abounds!

The Name is Love. The Creator is God. The 'address' is Infinite Mind. The old identity is gone into the nothingness from which it seemed to spring forth in an ancient moment that cannot be remembered. Now and forever Our Identity if Free. Our Union Is. The hush of Heaven is upon Our Love in reverence. Your Devotion is Mine, for Ours is Now All God. Still is Infinity. Tranquil is Forever. Happy is Harmony. Joyful is the Light!

Glory Be to the One Who created Us Perfect.



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